Jul 242015
5 Lessons From Using Play-Doh

I think it’s so important to let your child explore the world around them. Not only does exploring help them better understand the world we live in, but it also gives them a chance to imagine new things.

Whenever I see my son playing with toy cars or trains, I can’t help but smile. He’s got this way of imagining things that I probably never thought possible. Like the way he makes cars out of blocks, or the way he turns your arm or leg into a racetrack. But I guess I’m biased because I’m his mom and everything he does amazes me. 

We started using Play-Doh when my son was about a year old or so and he has always enjoyed making different things. From molding simple shapes to creating cars, we’ve always made the best of whatever color we’d choose from the toy closet. But something made me think of how interesting it is to play with this clay, and how I’m teaching my child a lot more than just to use his imagination.

Below are 5 lessons parents — and children alike — can learn from using Play-Doh:

1. You’re free to be whatever you choose; 
2. Even if you fall apart, mold yourself and keep it moving; 
3. You can always split yourself into two or more halves; 
4. Pick up all the pieces; and
5. There’s no turning back when things get hard. 

Are there any other lessons you’d like to add? 

Fatima Torres

What's life like with three kids and two pups? It's entertaining, that's for sure! MTME breaks down family fun ideas and shares personal insights from a former B2B editor and digital marketer turned mom running a business and a household -- all under one roof. With her husband as her #1 fan, there isn't anything she can't accomplish. Read on to learn how she breathes in fire and exhales success.

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