5 Mobile Apps That Make Up For A Broken Laptop

When I first found out my MacBook laptop had given up on me, I knew my motivation would slowly fade. I thought of substituting with other cheaper ones, but I knew whatever other laptop I chose would only become a headache. 
So one day I put on my thinking cap and thought of all the websites I had been using for my blog. And surely, I’ve been able to make up for my broken laptop using Jeff’s iPad and my phone. And because it’s more of a challenge, I feel motivated to keep up with my blog these days. 
Although I may not have my laptop, these five apps have inspired me to keep going:
1. PicLab. A great tool to edit images and add text to your photos. I use these for my posts. 
2. Canva. Another awesome tool I like to use for image editing. There are free images available, but the majority of them featured on the website are $1. 
3. Blogger. My .com website is hosted on Blogger, and the mobile app is pretty good for quick posts. 
4. Notes. For moments I feel inspired and want to jot down ideas, I turn to my Notes app. It’s quick to access and keeps text format when I transfer over to Blogger.
5. Facebook Page. Although I have to admit most of the social media apps like Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn have made it easy for me to share content from my blog, I’ve been able to schedule posts for my FB Page in advance. I really like the user-friendly features on this app. 
What apps do you use when you’re away from your computer? 

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  1. Surprised to not see Enlight on this list since it’s arguably one of the best editors on iOS.

    Darkroom is on the list, but it can feel very limited, especially since to buy the entire functionality of the app is around $7-10.

    VSCO is on the list, of course, but I’ve never been able to understand their GUI – all of the symbols are confusing af.

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