Stress is common for everyone. And when you’re raising a child — or two, or three, etc. — you never really know what to expect. 
Some days are better than others, but when stress comes into play, there are several mood changers that can help. Below I share five of my personal favorites:
1. Bake
Regardless of what you decide to make, there’s a treat at the end.
2. Take a family walk. 
Sometimes you just need to step out and take a breather. 
3. Plan for upcoming trips. 
Thinking ahead can help get your mind off of the present situation and be hopeful for the future, wherever it is you decide to go. 
4. Make your favorite non-alcoholic drink.
No matter how stressed I am, I try to avoid alcohol, more so since I recently stopped breastfeeding and now am awaiting the arrival of my second child. 
5. Take a warm shower. 
If you can step away for 5-10 minutes, a shower will definitely help ease off the stress. 
An additional mood changer for moms might be cooking. Although this doesn’t work for me, some people can change their moods while they cook. Personally, my food tastes horrible if I’m in a bad mood.
Do you have any mood changers you’d like to add? 

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