Jun 022016
7 Months In
June makes seven months since I’ve had to share everyday life with two little ones. Although it seemed nearly impossible to do at first, I’ve been able to manage.

Of course, there have been sacrifices — like our afternoon walks with the pup — and less downtime for me. Thankfully, it has been worthwhile.

Our bedtime routine is a lot later than usual, but at least everyone is in bed before 10:30 pm. Naptimes are sometimes non-existent. And yes, this makes me very sad. But we get through it.
Make Time To Explore
I’m currently working on getting back my morning routine, but it has to start with revamping our bedtime.

Not having reliable family and friends close by can really take a toll on our relationship, but we like to make the most of the time we get to spend together. Being married to someone in the car business means you’re also married to the car business.

Finding local events to attend with the little ones sounds a lot more fun in theory than in practice. My father helped us during the adjusting period after our second child was born, but shortly after it was just me and two kids.

Food shopping felt more like a road trip, with endless pit stops to make sure our newborn didn’t scream his head off because he didn’t like being strapped to his car seat. It was terrifying just thinking about doing all the errands with them both.

Slowly the fear of going out with two kids turned into a challenge I was willing to take on each day of my life. After all, I really didn’t have a choice.

Creating a schedule meant potential free time. But even that needed to be scheduled in. With our toddler in preschool, I had time to relax with the baby before heading out for dismissal.

I can’t tell you how many times I had to revamp my schedule to a point where it balanced family and work life, but I will tell you one thing, it was worth it every time.

Through apps such as Eventbrite and Facebook, I’ve been able to keep an eye on upcoming events our boys would enjoy. I no longer focus on just blogger events that benefit me.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to find a happy-medium between family life and blogging that allows everyone to benefit from the opportunities I’ve encountered through my blog.

Today, it’s no longer about the fear of missing out (FOMO), but about going out more often (GOMO). There are so many places waiting to be explored, and sitting in front of a screen isn’t going to offer you the same experience as getting out there to see the world around you.
Check out upcoming opportunities in your area or simply plan one for your family via the Eventbrite event planning software.

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