Oct 102014

Cherish the memories

We spent the past three days together as a family and it was amazing! And yes, there were plenty of mini-mommy vacations (and mini-daddy ones, too).

Prior to our mini-family vacation, we researched local dog beaches. We knew Naples, Florida has several dog-friendly beaches and decided that was where we would go. Because it was more than an hour away, we planned an early trip, decided to take our breakfast on-the-go and would grab lunch on our way back.

Below is a rundown of our three days together:
Sebastian and Rocky Bonita Springs Beach FloridaDay 1: A Trip To Bonita Springs
Although our trip was originally to Bonita Dog Park Beach, we were a little uncomfortable with the location once we arrived and voted it would be best if we just went to a nearby beach. Bonita Dog Park Beach is great if your dog does not mind knee-high water. For us, it was a bit of a challenge to get Rocky through and onto the dog beach.

We drove further into Bonita Springs and found a local beach, parked our car, and laid out our blanket. The breeze was cool, the sun was peaking through the clouds, and our boys loved every minute of it.
Laying Low 72hoursofdaddy
Day 2: Laying Low
On the second day we stayed home. It was nice to just hang out, watch TV, run errands, and do things around the house — you know, the things adults do on a regular day. ūüôā Sebastian and I even did a little baking.
Happy Siberian HuskyDay 3: A Family Park Day
After a relaxing Day 2, we decided to take a family trip to the park. Jeff was already meeting with his brother to play basketball so we made it into a family trip.

The weather was nice and Rocky was loving the breeze. I had a little time to myself at night. I went to the Bloggin’ Mamas Pink and White Havana Night event¬†while Jeff stayed home with the boys.

It was nice to step away for a bit, but I really missed them while I was gone. I loved coming home and seeing the boys had fun. There was a trail of things leading to the bedroom. I could not help but laugh at seeing Sebastian still wearing his sneakers we bought him earlier.

Before Jeff headed to work this afternoon, we spent our morning in the pool. I got a little teary-eyed knowing that our mini-family vacation had come to an end, but it was fun. These are the memories we will cherish forever.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 5.05.48 PMI hope everyone had a wonderful week. Hello, weekend! <3

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