Jan 012014
A Child's Innocence
Sometimes I wish I could take a mental photo of the moments I see every day. After meeting a beautiful little soul today at the supermarket I felt this post was long overdue.

Have you ever taken the time out to watch a child engage with someone? It’s beautiful. 

I was sitting in the car waiting for my father’s return yesterday morning when I looked over to my left and found a cute little face staring back at me. I believe it was a little boy because he woke a black skull hood. He sat there in his car seat smiling and said a a few words. The older man sitting in the driver’s seat appeared to be his grandfather. He turned and spoke with the little one him and he pointed my way and smiled.

I wished Sebastian was with me in the car at the moment. He would’ve enjoyed spending time with the little one, even if it was brief.

Children are so innocent and cute – I love it. Their friendliness is inspiring. I don’t know how anyone could ever harm or neglect them. I always said that if I couldn’t have a child of my own, I’d adopt. There’s nothing more rewarding than to love a child that’s already here on earth.

‘Til tomorrow, folks…

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