A Lesson Inspired By Poop

Learning Shapes With Play Doh

There is more to that headline, I promise! 

If you follow a mom blogger or two, you will notice their feed is typically playtime with their little one. And yesterday I saw a photo from one of my favorite bloggers, Pamela Macdonald of Macdonald’s Playland.  I recently interviewed her on MomViews about Project Lead KindlyYou can read all about it here

So, what was it about her “poop” post yesterday that inspired today’s lesson? Well, at first I thought they were Coco Puffs she was using to shape the earthworm. Then I thought it was Play-Doh. After reading her post, I realized what it was and I thought about the Play-Doh I had recently purchased for Sebastian. I remembered the posters I picked up from Dollar Tree last week and I found the shapes one. I began making a game out of the two with my little guy. He actually laid on the mat with me and tried it out. I showed him twice how to match the Play-Doh pieces to the shapes on the poster and he would do the same. Of course, there were mistakes, but I was impressed at how much he really enjoyed it. Hearing him say “triangle” and “circle” made my heart melt. <3

Although I would like to keep up with these lessons on a daily basis, I have to admit that routines and I have never been the best of friends. I have tried, but after a couple of days I forget. Some people say that as long as you are willing to try, that is what matters most. And I do try, just not hard enough. Hopefully, once I get my own routine down I can really begin to implement one for him.

Have you tried teaching your little one about the different shapes? Tell me about in a comment below! 

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  1. Life Breath Present

    Apparently, we have somewhat inadvertently begun teaching Baby Boy shapes. He had a wooden puzzle of shapes and a wooden blockso that go into a wooden box that's also shapes. He quickly mastered the puzzle and while doing it, we of ciyr a even would say the color and/or shape of each piece. Baby Boy now will say "star" or "triangle" or another one of the shapes. Sometimes he's right, sometimes a little off (I mean why are so many shapes almost the same word – triangke, rectangle, octagon, pentagon…?).

    It's really fun to watch and listen to Baby Boy learning new things! 🙂

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