A Love Story I'll Never Forget

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Today’s Love Topic:
Share your favorite (or one of your favorite) love stories. In can be from any art form –  a movie, a book, a piece of art, or a story you were told. Describe it and share with us why you heart it.
I’ve always been fascinated by how people meet their significant other. It’s interesting to hear their story and the expression on their face when they discuss the first time they met, their first date, etc. How my aunt Martha met her husband, my uncle John met will forever be a favorite. These two are inseparable. I mean literally. Wherever he goes, she’s like his tail. And although I was never a fan of that, I’ve always believed it to be the cutest thing.

Over the years I learned the truth behind how they met. Something my family never likes to talk about because my uncle was married, and 19 years older than my aunt. Before my uncle, my aunt had been married off to some man — of course, this was my grandmother’s doing. My aunt was never happy. She fled from the Dominican Republic to the United States, still married, and determined to start a new life.

Uncle John and aunt Martha met at work. He was the supervisor of the factory, she was an employee. When she met uncle John he was somewhat separated. I consider it “somewhat” because he wasn’t happy and wanted a divorce. According to my sources, his wife was a little crazy. You know how that goes. So these two, uncle John and aunt Martha, began to date. He had a motorcycle and they rode that thing everywhere. Of course, this was without my parents’ knowledge. At the time, aunt Martha was living with us and helping my parents with their four kids. My parents didn’t even know she was dating — she was in her 30’s, and she had to hide it because she was technically still married.

One Sunday morning uncle John said he couldn’t take hiding their “affair” anymore and came to pick up aunt Martha and meet my parents. He knew my parents attended mass each Sunday and he knew them by name — a little creepy for my parents. He introduced himself and called them by name. He said they had been dating for X amount of time and he wanted to stop hiding it. You can imagine the look on my parent’s face when they saw a tall, tattooed man with a motorcycle ready to take out aunt Martha. I wish I was there, but I loved hearing the story best. 😉

She wore a red dress on her wedding to uncle John, but I never saw a photo of it. I did see the photo of her in the white dress. That image was from her first marriage. Her face looks so sad, my grandparents are beside her. The only one that looks somewhat happy on that day is my grandmother. There was no love. Next to this photo is the image of my uncle John and aunt Martha holding their first born, my cousin Stephanie. She was born three months before I was. And then came Johnny, their son and my uncle’s only boy. To this day I don’t know how many daughters uncle John has. I believe I met them all, but I’m not quite sure. Today, uncle John is in his late 70’s, still as strong as a horse, but has been diagnosed with diabetes. He recently had a complicated surgery, my aunt Martha has been at his side through it all.

Your turn.
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  1. Wow! Now that's a love story. You can't force who you love. You just do. I'm glad your aunt was able to find her true love despite all the opposition. I'd love to see a pic of that red dress!

  2. Oh! Tears…. Love… Great Story! I have shared on my Social Media Pages.

  3. That's a great love story! Glad they met each other.

  4. Love made it's way and they've proven it was meant to be. So sweet. Mine is a funny one when hubby and I retell it. I'll have to share that sometime 😉 Thanks for the great story!

  5. Thanks for taking the time out to read it. Hope to read your love story. By the way, are you part of the #allyouneedisloveproject? It's a great series, takes place each Thursday. You should check it out sometime.

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