The following post has been scheduled in advance. We are currently awaiting the arrival of our second child and details in this post may or may not be relevant at this time. 

Saturdays have always been my days to spend with family and friends, minus Jeff since he’s in the car industry. 
Cleaning up from the previous night, getting ready for a trip to the store, etc. But this past Saturday was different. We had breakfast after the dog park like usual. I thought about showering while the boys played in living room, but something told me to hold off and just enjoy the morning with them. 
After watching a documentary on wild life, Jeff had to get ready for work. This is where our routine kicked in. I hopped in the shower after he was done getting dressed and I noticed something came out of me. 
The mucus plug had fallen out at 11:35 a.m. I hadn’t experienced this with Sebastian’s birth since I was rushed to the hospital that time. 
Preparing For The Unexpected
I didn’t know what to expect, so I called my doctor’s office. 
Her office machine got a hold of her but she was in another state due to a family emergency. She reassured me that it could just mean that I was dilating a little more and that my mucus plug came out. She didn’t think I’d be going into labor but wanted me to go to the hospital just to make sure I was okay. 
My hospital bag has been packed since April. I’ve added here and there since, but the majority of the things I know I’ll need have been tucked away for a while. And in this case, I had not thought about the possibility of going into labor sooner than expected and not having my father to care for Sebastian. 
Three additional bags later, and our son was ready for his stay at his godfather’s house. He wasn’t too happy when we had to leave him, and neither was I. I worried if he’d have to spend the night and how he’d react. Yes, my son co-sleeps with us and his bedtime routine depends on the time Jeff gets home. I didn’t know how things were going to go that night and I hoped I wouldn’t go into labor then, at least for Sebastian’s sake. 
And We Waited
Jeff stood by me the entire time. We were both nervous and excited. The results were that the mucus plug had fallen out and I was only 3 1/2 cm dilated. 
I was hooked up to a monitoring machine and checked every so often for more than an hour. I was given fluids because I felt dehydrated. Minor contractions came and went, but not enough to push me into active labor. 
…And Continue To Wait
Now that we’ve been to the hospital, we have been registered and things will run a lot smoother when the actual birth day comes for our little guy. And of course, we know everything is okay with our child. 
Have you ever had a minor scare that made you almost panic? 

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