A Mother's Love

Last night I laid in bed with Jeff and our little one. Jeff had suggested I watch a short video on chimps narrated by Jane Goodall. He said he had watched it the night before and thought I’d enjoy it. He was right.

The film reminded me of where I am today — how I feel and where my mind has been the last few weeks. Jane’s film made me smile, tear and reflect on life. Her description of a bond between mother and son was on target. She said that a chimp in the wild is so lucky because he can feel safe and loved in his mother’s arms. She added: “Imagine being able to protect your child every day, at any given moment.”

Her words made me think.

I know it’s not easy today. We’re living in a time when most households need two incomes to live comfortably, and women want their own money to do as they please. But even so, we forget one thing: we’re here to procreate and enjoy our lives, so why are we spending hours, days, years on building something we cannot take with us when we die? What great memories will you have when you’re on your death bed?

I didn’t always think like this. Work was #1, family second and everything else followed.

Today, family outshines everything. Sebastian may only be two months old, but the love I have for him intensifies with each day. My mind is always on whether or not he’s okay. Leaving him every morning isn’t easy. They say it gets better with time. I’m trying. I know Jeff feels it too, and that other mothers/parents have done the same.

Knowing that I’m not the only one who has gone through this feeling is the only thought that brings me ease.

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