Nov 102015

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I didn’t know what to expect. Even after consulting my good friend Google, I was unsure of what a VBAC would really consist of. 

And for some reason, I never asked my doctor either. All she knew was my previous doctor had prepped me for a possible VBAC in the future. And somehow, I made it my goal to have one after the terrifying experience with an emergency c-section.  
Reoccurring Memories
My heart wanted to jump out of my chest when I heard the word epidural. I knew I’d have to stay calm or else there were serious consequences. 
But how do you stay still when you’re experiencing contractions that were 7-8 on a pain scale? That was one of my biggest concerns. 
And I got through it. 
Thanks to a wonderful nurse named Sara. We chatted about her life while I was in labor and her words were very encouraging. She gave me the female support I needed. Sara even offered me a piece of gum while the anesthesiologist prepared her tools and my back for the incision. It helped with breathing through the contraction. 
For the second time, I had psyched myself into thinking an epidural would be the worst thing in the world. But honestly, because it was a different situation this time around, I felt great after receiving one. 
The contractions were turned into just pressure in my vaginal area and when I had the urge to push, it was a lot more exciting.
Getting Through The BIG Moment 
Without feeling the pain of contractions, I was able to successfully push my little guy out into the world. And the aftermath was a lot smoother this time around. 
I was able to walk around within two hours or so, care for my child, and rest at night. Of course, this is the second time around so Jeff and I were pretty much ready for what was to come.
Jeff stood beside me as he did when Sebastian was born. He left for smokes in between to calm his nerves and after our little guy was born to make sure everything was okay. 
As I pushed, Jeff helped tilt my head to my chest to make each push stronger. And when the doctor and the nurse would forget to count, he would do it for them. In between pushes, I’d ask for ice chips and he’d hand them over. 
Big Brother Watching
Sebastian was excited to come to the hospital and find me holding his baby brother. He even wanted to hold him, which was pretty reassuring for us that Sebastian would be a great brother and help us with his baby brother. 
He watched him from afar and would occasionally come close. Although he wanted to hold him whenever he’d come close, we’d tell him it was too soon. 
It will be nice to watch these two grow up together, share their lives and go through life’s changes together. Jeff and I are very proud of how things turned out this time around and are looking forward to bringing our little one home this week.

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