Aug 272015
A Trip Down Memory Lane

Some days are a lot easier than most, and oftentimes we run into little reminders of how far we’ve come. 

Yesterday was Sebastian’s long day and because the weather didn’t look too good, we headed out a little sooner than usual to make it to his sensory class. It was good thing we did since we got there almost just in time for the class due to traffic.

The Spotlight At The Stoplight
At the stoplight I spotted two girls making videos of themselves with their phones. When one would finish, the other would pull out her phone and get pumped up to whatever song they were playing. It made me laugh thinking about how that was me and my high school friends up until I was 20. To think, that was almost 10 years ago when my friends and I would act foolishly whenever “our song” came on.

Here’s a photo of me and my two high school best friends, Allie and D. We were riding dirty in D’s Daewoo. 

Sometimes I miss those moments. Other times I wonder where they have gone. Not so much the driving around aimlessly, but more so the silliness in my life. Now the silly things that happen are between Sebastiand and Rocky — like the other day when I picked up Sebastian from school and he feel asleep. Rocky took advantage and ate the little guy’s leftovers from lunch. But other than that, there are no random trips with friends or really any other talk but family, bills and, as of late, my son’s progress at school. I always hope one day I’ll spontaneously go back to being that person again, at least in some form.

Memories Of Brian
Those who know me know how much I loved my first car, my first headache, Brian. And shortly after
seeing the two girls dancing in the car I saw a similar car, same year and exterior. The car was in well maintained and there was an older man driving it. He reminded me of my father.

The night before I sold Brian to a college student who needed a car. 

Seeing my old car again made me smile. Thinking back at how much money and time I dedicated to Brian and how valuable that car was reminds me of where I am today thanks to it.

If I had not let go of my first car I would’ve never met Jeff, and without meeting Jeff I would’ve never met my boys. I may never get the girl most people hope to have, but I’m perfectly fine living with these men. And I’m even more excited to meet Christian in the upcoming months.

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