Jul 272014

South Florida SkyI had about a month to prepare for our family’s arrival. It was going to be a wonderful time. Despite minor setbacks, it really was. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and it was nice to see my parents having a little fun at the beach.

Jeff and I had our own mini getaway before everyone came. It was a great way to just breathe before the madness began. A reminder that everything was going to be just fine.

A little drama did arise after we announced we would be putting the wedding on hold for now. Trying to explain that to my parents was not easy, which caused some friction between Jeff and I. But, the most important part of it all was being surrounded with family and friends as we celebrated our son’s first birthday!

Here he is with the cutest smile. Such a great shot! Photo courtesy of his godmother’s Instagram page.
Sebastian's First Birthday
We went to the beach a few times during our family’s stay, and we even witnessed them film Ride Along 2 at South Beach. It was a wonderful family (and mommy!) vacation. It is nice to be able to put your feet up from time to time. 😉

Additional photos from Sebastian’s first birthday week:

Super Daddy!
Super DadHappy Mommy!

Mommy and sonExcited Godmother!
Godmother and godson
We also had Jeff’s little brother and sister stay with us before they left. It was nice to chat and spend time with them before their trip back North.

Now that everything is back to normal, I will admit that I miss everyone. It was nice to see friends and family come together to help us celebrate our son’s first birthday. I have a feeling I will be seeing my parents at least once a year until they finally decide to more down south. 😉


I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

‘Til tomorrow, loves…

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