When Parenting Meets Opportunity

A glimpse into our family life in South Florida.

Our Parenting Story

Motherhood came as a surprise to me when I was 23.

I had been working full-time at a B2B digital marketing firm. Although I imagined myself raising a family, I never thought of it happening as soon as it did.

Of course, my parents were upset, but it wasn’t the first time I was going to disappoint them that year.

Shortly after finding out we were going to get a first-hand experience on parenting, we talked about moving away from family and friends.

Making The Move

In 2014, my husband and I made the decision to move from North Jersey to South Florida. My parents may not have agreed, but it’s turned out to be one of our best decisions for our family.

Since then, we’ve added two more kids and a second furbaby. It’s been quite a journey for us. With time, we’ve learned to work together to continue to get through life’s roller coaster.

This blog highlights tips we’ve learned along the way and moments we’ve created together. The two palm trees in the blog logo resemble the partnership between my husband and me.

Although these words have always been my own, the ideas on parenting are shared thoughts between my spouse. We’re the tag-teaming duo that’s constantly thinking of ways to improve, not only this blog but in general.

Creating this blog has given us opportunities to connect with one another and those around us while exploring South Florida.

South Florida is where I’ve learned to embrace my curls.
It’s also where I discovered how to truly love myself and to teach her how to do the same.
Parenting kids and caring for pets isn't easy, but we make it look that way.
Parenting three kids and two pups only looks easy, it’s not.
South Florida is also where I knew my husband needed a daughter.

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