Nov 252014

Add Fruit To Your MealsI am a self-proclaimed fruit junkie who does not have any plans of signing up for rehab. Fruits helped me control my pregnancy cravings. I remember picking up a bowl mixed with blackberries, blueberries and strawberries just to tame my sweet tooth. I will admit that I had moments when I would spread some Nutella or peanut butter just to give it a little more sweetness.

Because you need more than just fruits in your daily food intake, I like to include fruits in most of my meals. Below is a rundown of the different ways I mix delicious fruit into my meals:

I am nuts about bananas, and whenever I need an extra boost of energy I serve myself a bowl of Cheerios or Corn Flakes, a spoonful of honey and two ripe bananas. If I have raw almonds, I throw those in too.

If you want something a little more sweet, try french toast with strawberries on top. You can add maple syrup or eat it dry.

Fruits make the perfect snack because they are quick to grab and eat on the go. For snack time, Sebastian and I typically share a bowl of fruit. Another awesome thing about snacking on fruits is they are very refreshing!

For a light lunch, you can make a chicken salad with good old lettuce, cucumbers, chopped carrots and add sliced green apples and raisins. I love adding fruit to my salads because it gives the lettuce a little flavor and prevents me from adding dressing to my salad.

I grew up seeing my mom add bananas to her rice and beans and I thought it was weird. When I tried it, I wondered why she never told me how good it was, not only in taste, but also to your digestive system. You can add a piece of fruit to your meal or have a bowl of fruit waiting for dessert. You can also try a berry salad: cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes (optional), strawberries, blueberries and grapes (optional). If you like the taste of raspberries, feel free to throw those in as well.

As I mentioned previously, you can have a bowl of fruit waiting for you after dinner, but sometimes you need a little more sweetness. I love ice cream and I would have some every day if I could. A good alternative to ice cream is yogurt. Sometimes I like to serve myself a cup of yogurt and pile on a load of fruit. Sebastian loves it, too!

What other ways do you add fruit to your meals? 

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