Another Saturday

Saturdays are my days. I enjoy them with the little guys. I go food shopping, spend time with my family and wait until Jeff gets home to either go out or stay in doors watching a good film/catch up on Bill Maher.

It’s a great Saturday. But all this starts in the afternoon. My Saturday mornings aren’t easy. They’ve been this tough since the first time I moved in. I always knew Jeff’s schedule, but when he has to leave for work I’m always a mess. I get emotional with the thought of him going to work every Saturday morning. It might be selfish of me but I wish be could stay, go food shopping with me, enjoy time together as a family.

But we can’t. So we have Sundays.
This works out for both of us. He has Thursdays with the boys and I have Saturdays. On our days we do errands and when Sunday rolls by we dedicate the entire day to our family.

It’s not easy, but definitely well worth it. 😉

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