#AnytimeSpa: The Importance Of Self-Care

This post is sponsored by Evian. I received compensation in the form of a product to share my thoughts with my readers.

Finding time for yourself is never easy. As a mom of two boys and now two pups, it seems as though time is never on my side. There are moments I find myself being pulled in two directions. It’s a constant battle between focusing on things I would like to do vs the things I need to do.

You can imagine which of the two wins most of the time.

Regardless of where your mind is these days, it’s important to give yourself a little downtime. I first discovered the Evian Spray about two years ago and it’s become part of my daily routine. One spray before applying my foundation and it makes my skin feel refreshed.

There are nights when all I want to do is hop into bed and forget about how crazy the day was. That’s when I remember how much I miss having time for myself.

Finding time for yourself is one thing, but actually making it is another.

Break The Routine
When you hear someone’s a stay-at-home mom, you might assume the person is relaxing by the pool all day. Although we do have a pool, I can’t remember the last time I used it.

I’d love to live the life of the stay-at-home moms you see on the TV. It seems quite glamorous! The truth is, it’s only exciting to watch, and less exciting to live it.

The day-to-day routines are tedious, and eventually, you want more excitement. That’s when I book me a spa date in our bathroom. When the kids go down, I unwind.

There are times when I feel sassy enough to grab a glass of wine. It makes my husband smile because he knows I’m in a good mood after one sip. When did I ever get this lightweight?

Our bathroom has everything I need to relax: an amazing showerhead, all the necessary items for an at-home manicure and pedicure,  and most importantly the Evian Spray.

The Evian Spray really makes a difference on my skin when I use it. Friends always ask what do I use on my skin. I always tell them it’s a combination of less makeup and more moisture.

Living in South Florida means I sweat my makeup off throughout the day. By the afternoon, I’m lucky if I still have mascara on my eyelashes. This is one of the reasons I decided to decrease the amount foundation I use on my face. I only apply it around my eyelids and to cover some of the bags under my eyes.

Less Is More
For some parents, finding time for themselves might mean at least an hour out of your home. The truth is, all you really need are a good 10-15 minutes to breathe. When you feel yourself getting a bit overwhelmed, try to do the following:

1. Reconnect with yourself.
Try to figure out what your body needs at the moment. Sometimes, you feel yourself become dehydrated, or you might need a snack. Whatever it might be, try to meet that need as soon as possible.

2. Give yourself a reason to smile.
If you enjoy doing something — like eating cake — do it. It might be 10:30AM in your timezone, but it might be passed your bedtime somewhere else. Indulge!

3. Grab a bottle.
Maybe one of the Evian Spray bottles is just what the doctor ordered for a little self-care. I know it helps me relax after a long day. 


  1. Every one of us needs time to pamper ourselves and have a break to breath for a while. This post was so helpful for some other tips.

  2. Self care is so important. As a mom, I know it is hard to find time!

  3. I really want to try this Evian spray. I know my face would benefit from more moisture.

  4. It’s really right! Selfcaring is very important especially if you always alone! Such a great tips for this!

  5. Evian spray sounds good. I would love to try this. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. There’s nothing better than taking good care of yourself especially if you’re a mom. You can’t expect to give your family 100% if you’re not feeling great. We need time to rejuvenate!

  7. I’m completely guilty of neglecting self-care, so I bet this would come in handy. This looks AMAZING! I think I need it!!!

  8. I really need this product. Self caring is very important fro me. This is great! thanks for sharing.

  9. Haha I love the line about being sassy enough to have a glass of wine. I am too a SAHM and would love to have more time for myself! This spray sounds great 🙂

  10. I didn’t know that they made sprays too. That’s great! I need to find this so I can try it.

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