5 Ways To Avoid Losing It This Summer

This post was sponsored by Budget Saver Twin Pops as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Summer is near and we’re already planning ahead to keep the boys from throwing tantrums and skipping out on their nap time. The boys take after me with throwing fits whenever they’re exhausted, so we’re setting up some ideas to keep the boys entertained after we’ve settled into our new home this month.

One of our go-to things to do are crafts and work on projects together. Our youngest loves to finger paint and our three-year-old son loves to build things. To make things easier on ourselves, we always look for something to keep them both satisfied.

After some outdoor play or a family walk, we get our boys ready for crafts. To cool them off, we give them a drink or a popsicle. We like to keep the popsicle sticks for our next project. They love reusing things and seeing them breathe life to other things.

Find Time For Everything
It might sound a bit silly to say there’s enough time in a day when you’re constantly looking for ways to squeeze things in. However, there is enough time in a week to try something new with your kids.

One thing we like to do is layout our week. My husband is off at least once a week, so anything we’d like to do together as a family, such as checking out a local museum, we do together. As for trips to the park or spending time by the pool, those are things we can do on our own. We throw in outdoor play whenever we can just to keep the boys from losing their cool while doing errands.

Keeping Your Cool
Finding the right time for everything is key to a successful day with the kids, and sometimes that means adjusting your schedule. Below are five ways to keep your cool this summer:

1. Have snacks handy. 
A cranky child is never a good thing, especially if you have errands to run. Always have snacks around to keep your little ones from losing it.

2. Plan something fun each day.
Ask your child what they’d like to get out of this summer, and work your way up to that. Our little ones want to take a trip to a theme park this season, so we’re saving up to surprise them.

3. Reward them for good behavior. 
Our little ones love to be rewarded, and we do so as often as we can. From sweet treats to cuddles, they enjoy the moments we get to spend together.

4. Give yourself time. 
No matter how much time you’d like to dedicate to the kids this summer, you’ll need to pencil in time for yourself. And this mom loves those moments I get to relax after a long day.

5. Compromise if you must. 
One of the main things about having kids is learning how to compromise. Doing so can help you understand the value of time. Those extra five minutes with your kids instead of heading out to finish up errands mean more to them than you’ll ever imagine.

So, go on. Grab a popsicle and make some time with your little ones. Enjoy this summer to the fullest!

Or enjoy one by yourself during nap time. 

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