Baby Wipes: A Mom's Best Friend

They say women love diamonds, chocolate and even shoes. 
But I have to say that’s a lie. 
Well, maybe not the chocolate part. 
There’s one thing that I’ve been able to rely on since I was pregnant with my first child, and that is moist wipes. 
I’d purchase a pack or two from a local beauty supply store and would use it on a daily basis. From freshening up to cleaning up, there were endless possibilities. 
After the birth of my son, it’s gone from moist wipes to baby wipes. 
I’m sure you’ve heard about moms who use baby wipes to clean. That’s not a myth, I use baby wipes to tidy up the house and use my vinegar and water mix when I have a chance to really give the surfaces a good scrub. 
So, how else have I used baby wipes with our kids? 
I’ve used baby wipes:
– to lower my toddler’s temperature during a fever;
– to fix his hair before going out;
– to freshen up after using the bathroom;
– to take off my makeup;
– to bathe my toddler during long car rides; and 
– to clean off stains from my son’s car seat. 
Baby wipes are so diverse, and in most cases, they’re pretty durable. So next time you hear that someone uses baby wipes to clean their home, believe it! There’s so much you can do with these things, and cleaning up is just one of them. 

Former B2B editor and marketing manager turned Family & Lifestyle blogger. Fatima is passionate about life and being social. When she isn't running around with her husband, three kids, and two pups, Fatima helps other bloggers and local businesses with their online marketing strategy. If you have any questions or would like to connect, feel free to reach out via email: tima@motherhoodthroughmyeyes.com

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