Back To School Essentials

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Preparing for a new school year sounds like a bad nightmare for parents who just got over the carline madness.

Honestly, we’ve always been excited about a new school year for the kids. Last year, our oldest was in kindergarten. Although we’ve been reading all summer, it’s important to note that we haven’t been doing our workbook lessons.

Now that we’re about a month away from entering a new school season, we’re sharing ways we’re preparing ourselves for the 2019-2020 school year.

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Avoid The Stress

Parents often go shopping for school supplies during the tax-free weekend. Although it might sound like a great idea, I’ll be the first to tell you it’s not. There are a lot of people shopping for the same things, most of the time you’re not getting a deal and lastly, it’s more stressful when you can’t find the things you need because others have already stocked up on them for their own family.

Shopping for back-to-school season can be a lot more fun when you plan ahead. We’ve been stocking up on school supplies since before schools let out for summer break. Here’s how you can do so without overspending:

1) Focus on what you already have and its condition. We received the list of items our son will need for first grade and we’ve already snagged half of the things. Most of the items we found in our craft box — pencils, scissors, and paper. Other items we’ve picked up during our grocery shopping trips.

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2) Pick up an item or two while food shopping. One of the items on our back-to-school shopping list is wipes. Since we currently purchase wipes for our youngest, we bought the bulk ones from Costco. This way we have enough for our home and our son’s class.

3) Get school uniforms early on. Kids outgrow a lot of things throughout the years, and school uniforms always make the list. The earlier you shop for them, the better. We’ve been known to buy a uniform shirt or two before the school year ends. Buying these items a size or two bigger makes it easier to deal with the growth spurts.

4) Buy online ahead of time. You can’t always predict when your online purchases will arrive, so you may want to order your back-to-school items at least three weeks in advance.

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5) Make one last memorable trip. Whether you’re on a budget or not, it’s important to make your kids enjoy their summer break. It doesn’t need to be an expensive trip. In fact, the more simple, the more memories you get to create.

From family events to outings with friends, we’re making a splash everywhere we go with weekly water play. You can check out our summer fun schedule here for ideas to try with your family.

How do you get the kids ready for back to school season? Tell us in a comment below!

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