3 Simple Things Bloggers Need To Invest On This Back To School Season

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Planning your list for back to school season can be overwhelming. As a school/office supply junkie, I get excited about the sales that take place during this time of the year.

Preparing for my son’s new school year is something I often look forward to. Not only do I have a reason to shop the aisles of school/office supplies for our son, I can schedule my work around his school hours. You’re probably wondering why should you add more to your shopping list?

Since turning my blog into a business, I noticed I need to organize my thoughts a lot better and plan ahead for upcoming deadlines. With the help of certain tools, I was able to land more clients and meet those pressing deadlines.

Below of three of my go-to items for bloggers looking to organize themselves this season:

1. An inexpensive sketchbook. 

Whether you’re looking to jot down some thoughts or upcoming ideas for your blog, a sketchbook will come in handy. I’ve found that a sketchbook gives me the freedom to not only write down ideas but also makes it easier to get creative in how you’d like to present your thoughts.

2. A reliable laptop. 

For years, I’ve relied on my HP laptop for my business and freelance projects. It’s been a great addition to my everyday routine. Having a reliable laptop can help you be more productive. Right now you can head over to bestbuy.com and pick up an HP Envy x360 for a great price. There are two options for the HP laptop on sale: the HP Envy 13in and the HP Envy 15in.

The HP Envy x360 laptops are 2-in-1 devices with Windows Ink capabilities. They also have a Windows operating system and can transfer into a tablet, making it the perfect tool for jotting down notes while on the go. These touch-screen laptops come with AMD processors which gives them their speed and thinness.

Additional features for the HP Envyy x360 include:– A Full HD touchscreen: With a 1920 x 1080 resolution gives the laptop an impressive color and clarity. Its finger-touch navigation allows users to get the most out of Windows 10. In addition, the laptop includes IPS technology for wide viewing angles. There’s also an energy-efficient WLED backlight.   – An 8GB system memory for advanced multitasking: The high-bandwidth RAM allows you to smoothly run your games and photo- and video-editing applications, as well as multiple programs and browser tabs all at once — perfect for meeting those deadlines.  

3. A pack of colored pens/markers.

Having a variety of colors to write with can help make your thoughts come to life. Highlighting with a pen or a marker can also make things stand out when looking back on your ideas. It can be a great tool for proofreading or writing notes down during an event.

If you’re looking to gear up this summer for back to school season, then I suggest taking advantage of the Best Buy sale happening now through July 28th. 


  1. I can’t believe it’s back to school shopping time, I still have roughly a month until my daughter starts high school. Buying a laptop is totally on a list of things we need to get, because she broke her last one. She needs something that can bend like it does in the picture above.

  2. Every back to school time I invest in things for the blog. You are so right about the small sketch books. I use them all the time. I have seen a lot on the computer at best buy and now I think I need one! Mine is old and HEAVY!

  3. Thanks for these ideas. I love back to school time because there are so many great sales on computer gear. I definitely take advantage of a sale.

  4. WOW, seems as though summer just started and now our kids will be returning back to school within a month. I’ve already looked into this laptop and I’m moving forward with grabbing it. I have two nice ones but, I’ve learned it’s best to have many backups when it comes to blogging

  5. Hey Fatima,

    I agree with all your choices! You need a reliable laptop that’s for sure. One that won’t die on you half way through the school year. And I am obsessed with coloured pens, I recommend the Sharpie ones, they’re perfect.

  6. I can’t believe that school is just around the corner! A reliable laptop is so important. I love that you have a sketch book on your list. I use mine all the time. And, the kids have one, too

    1. Yes! Having a reliable laptop will save you headaches throughout the school year.

  7. My daughter’s favorite part of summer is back-to-school shopping. I can’t blame her since I love it too! I knew I needed fun pens and markers for my calendar and goal setting, but now I want an Envy too!

    1. aw, prepping for the new school year has always been one of my favorite things to do.

  8. 100% on the reliable laptop for blogging, especially for travel bloggers. On my last trip, I tried blogging using my tablet. It was a mess – I had a hard time putting together great looking posts, editing images, replying to emails and keeping track of my blogging schedule. Now I’m a laptop-only convert. It’s the best way to blog.

    1. Oh man! I know the feeling. I tried using a tablet during a conference. HUGE mistake!

  9. We’re ready for back to school! We’ve got all these things and so much more. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this laptop.

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