How Bedtime Reading Is A Game-Changer For Tired Moms

Becoming a mom can be exciting and at times even terrifying. Not knowing what to expect, you begin to do your research on Google.

No matter how many times people have told you to stay away from Google, you get tricked into this idea that this search engine has all the answers.

It does, but you need to realize it’s not always going to cater to your situation.

The one valuable advice I found online in terms of parenting was after months of having our firstborn. I swore I was going to have a genius because I was teaching him numbers and letters before he could walk.

When he didn’t respond well to our activities or to playtime at a local mommy-and-me sensory school, I assumed it was over. I swore I was a bad parent.

During this time, I read on Google that it was okay if your child wasn’t learning as quickly as I wanted. Every child learns at his/her own pace. Most importantly, this article went on to say that reading at a young age is what helps them develop a love for learning.

Can you guess what I did after that?

I dropped the flashcards, the huge drawing boards that had a letter for the day and stopped trying to make themes for the day.

Focusing on books and reading to our firstborn helped him not only build his vocabulary, but he’s been able to create a healthy imagination. It’s how he’s learned to value his creativity.

Our second child has followed into his footsteps, and it always amazes me how much they listen when it’s reading time.

Creating A Bedtime Reading Routine

During the school months, I worked with our five-year-old at night to improve his reading skills. Although it took sometime, it was worth it to sit and give him the necessary attention to get him going.

Allowing our firstborn to pick his own book from our bookshelf was a joy for me, his brother also did the same. Each night, they’d bring me a book to read. By then, their sister would be asleep and they would get all the attention.

How did I get the two to calm down as I read?

Simple, I used sound effects as I read and asked them to pay attention to what was going on because I would ask questions. I have to admit, it was genius to throw in the questions. Our oldest was given the best score in reading comprehension for his class because of this — definitely a mom win!

With time, the boys added their own sound effects and would find joy in reading the stories together. Of course, most of it was memorization and imagination, but worth seeing them getting along.

Bedtime Reading Tips For Exhausted Parents

Maybe you’re recovering from a long day or have too much on your mind, but it’s never an excuse for not taking some time out for the kids. Bedtime is so important for us. From baths to choosing your favorite PJs. Our bedtime routine is typically the same every night.

Before heading up for bed, the boys pick out their books for the night. They bathe with their favorite toys, grab their PJs, and it’s reading time together.

Some nights I read the same book twice. Others, I read two books per child. Regardless of how many books are read, it’s good to see their eyes light up at the idea of reading time.

Is reading part of your bedtime routine as well? Comment below!

Get the kids excited about their bedtime routine with books. Here's how we do it every night


  1. I have not had the opportunity to use this yet, but it is coming real soon. New grandchild so I need to establish a routine and do it early.

  2. K from Kronicles

    These are helpful tips which I am sure would be a valuable information for the moms out there. The special sound effects is a needed touch!

  3. We love reading to our kids before bedtime. There have been studies that show that reading to your kids encourages brain stimulation, and therefore makes it easier for them learn while in school. So many benefits!

  4. Bedtime reading is such a great way to both bond and get better educational outcomes. My boys are 9 and 13 and sometimes they still ask me to read to them at night (but I am not allowed to tell any friends of course). 🙂

  5. Bedtime reading is such a lifelong habit. I still read 30 minutes before I sleep, something my mom and dad instilled in me when I was a kid.

  6. That’s a nice habit and practice for kids and moms, it would definitely sharpen your kids’ thinking. Reading should be inculcated in children’s mind, so they won’t be dependent on nowadays’ technology.

  7. I love reading before bed. It slows my brain down a bit and gets me nice and sleepy!

  8. Tiffany La Forge-Grau

    I read every night. It is the best way to relax and chill out.

  9. Its so important to have time in the evening for kids and bedtime reading is so special x


  10. My kids love when we read before going to bed. It´s such a great moment to connect. Plus I often enjoy the stories myself!

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