5 Quick Tips To Snagging The Best Halloween Costumes For Kids

Would it surprise you if I told you we’ve kept every costume our children have ever worn?

Honestly, I just went through their baby costumes to see which ones are worth giving to family and friends, and ones we should probably toss out.

Although we enjoy the holidays as a family, Halloween is one of the holidays this mama dreads.

You’re probably wondering why.

Well, during this time of the year, our kids wear their new costumes throughout the house. This often means parts of their costumes can be found throughout our home.

Yes, we go trick-or-treating around our community, but nothing is more exciting than watching the kids continue to wear their costumes throughout the year. This mom can rest at night knowing she spent her dollars in the right place.

5 Tips To Getting The Best Deal

The first costume we purchased for our firstborn was a mischievous monkey. As cute as it was, we knew it wasn’t something our kid would be wearing more than once or twice that year.

Fortunately, we managed to keep it for our two other kids as their first costume as well. These days, our boys are obsessed with being superheroes and fighting crime. It was no surprise when our six-year-old son chose a firefighter as his Halloween costume this year.

Face painting kits are always in. Try one of these.

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To help you get the most out of budget, we recommend the following tips when shopping for the best Halloween costumes:

Start shopping for your Halloween costume early on.

Planning your costume ideas at least a month before Halloween is a good idea. When you wait the week of, you’re typically slapped with higher prices since the demand is greater.

Think about how functional the costume might be.

Whenever we’re stuck between two costume ideas, we always go for the one with the most options. Maybe one costume comes with more tools or a wig. Whatever it might be, you want to get the most uses out of that purchase.

Look for costumes with fewer pieces.

This tip really depends on your child’s age. I find myself trying to gather all the pieces before bed to make sure they have a complete costume for Halloween night. You don’t want to be that mom. Save yourself the headaches.

Choose reusable, gender-neutral costumes.

When I bought that monkey suit years ago, I thought, “it’s functional and if we ever give it away or have another child, it can work for any gender.” That’s what you want to think when purchasing costumes for your child.

Stick to your budget.

No matter how many tantrums your child might throw, it’s important to stick to your budget. Costumes can get expensive, but they don’t have to be.

Best Halloween Costumes For Kids That Are Funny

Our kids have a sense of humor, and costumes like a Sumo wrestler or a kid on a chicken are one of several funny Halloween costumes they’d wear.

The best ones are the dinosaur costumes. They look hilarious when the person tries to run in them.

Find other funny Halloween costumes to check out for your kids:

The Inflatable Man A unique costume idea that gets laughs whenever someone walks by,

Do you have an idea what you’ll be for Halloween this year? Share in a comment below!


  1. Celebrate Woman (@DiscoverSelf)

    These are some awesome tips and advice. There was time when getting costumes with many details really was interrupting the process of trick-o-treating.

  2. Stephanie

    I love getting costumes that I know they can use again. We keep them until they outgrow them for dress-up play and for those random dress-up days they have at school!

  3. Sherry

    I used to keep my children’s costumes and they used to play dress up with them. Shopping early is a smart idea. If you leave it too long the costumes tend to be picked over and may not be available in the size you need.

  4. valerie

    I don’t have any children trick or treating this year. My Mom always bought costumes far in advance, sometimes up to a year. And she kept them for a couple of years.

  5. Ryan Escat

    Honestly I wasn’t thinking about this yet since trick or treat seems unattainable for this year in my area. But great post, thanks!

  6. MamaChallenge

    We take Halloween very seriously and dress as a family. However, I’m still figuring out this year! This might be the year we mix up all the costumes and do a best of.

  7. Toni Dash

    These are really amazing tips! Great costumes for Halloween!

  8. Di Hickman

    Love that you’ve kept your old costumes. Many come around again or can be used in new ways. Great tips!

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