Bloggin’ Mamas Share Social Media Tips

Social Media Tips from BloggersCommunicating with other bloggers is critical to the success of your own. Even if you have been blogging for more than 10 years, there is still a need to connect with others. I discussed some tips on the importance of engaging with bloggers in a recent post. For today’s topic, I reached out to the Bloggin’ Mamas South Florida chapter to share their tips on social media best practices for bloggers.

I’m a big fan of supporting my fellow bloggers…I have no qualms sharing other bloggers’ posts on my social media outlets if I feel my followers would enjoy…I also think interaction is key…I always try to respond to comments and thank new followers.
– Lucy Valdez, 2Gen Beauty

What makes BB smile and be inspired by will hopefully do the same for her followers. Sharing that- no matter the source.
– Sonia Guerra, Bohemian Babushka

…Being social is key. We can’t only share our own content, need to share others. Sharing is caring.
– Aileen Van Pelt, Newsy Parents

I try to comment, like, share, tweet, etc..for my fellow bloggers to help support their business as they do the same for me.

– Heather Barber McMechan, Local Mom Scoop

These bloggers focus on helping spread the word the content of fellow bloggers. Personally, I like to share content that I feel would benefit my followers. Whether it is an upcoming event, news on a certain topic or even a simple image that expresses the joys of everyday life.

Are there any social media tips for bloggers you would like to add? Comment below!

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