3 Blogging Must-Haves + Giveaway

Blogging Must Haves

September is here and for some bloggers, this means break time is over.

With your kids back at school, you’re probably thinking about all the wonderful things you’ll need to help get you back into blogging mode.

I’ve always loved planners, and for some bloggers, it’s a must! To be honest, I go through two to three a year without ever finishing one. The problem is, I have yet to find one that meets all my needs.

So, what do you do when you can’t find one? You create your own. 

Back To Blogging
I recently discovered that what I’ve been doing all these years is called a bullet journal. Chelsie over at Hey There, Chelsie did a great job in explaining what a bullet journal is and how bloggers can create their own.

One of my go-to stores for office supplies is Target. They have a variety of stationery items at great prices. This year, I picked up a notebook to remind myself to write down thoughts and tasks every day.


Having a place to write down my thoughts has been a blessing in helping me remember things and stay on top of tasks for my blog.

3 Blogging Must-Haves
No matter how many times you tell yourself you’re ready to start fresh, you won’t be able to turn those thoughts into reality if you don’t put in the work.

When I was working from my iPhone for about a year (June 2015 – May 2016), I spent morning hours writing blog posts from the Notes app on my phone. It wasn’t always easy, and the amount of notifications I would get on a daily basis from social media and emails was a lot. It almost drove me mad, and eventually when I finally decided that I no longer needed a Macbook Air to do everything, I went and purchased an HP Chromebook. I haven’t looked back ever since.

As a blogger, you have to make the most out of the resources in front of you. Most of my photos are taken on my iPhone and sent to my email for me to share on blog posts. I use a lot of free online services to make the most out of my blogging experience, and I only invest in things that I know will help me reach my goals.

Of the many things I use on a daily basis for blogging, I would recommend these three for every blogger to have at-hand:
1. A reliable laptop
It doesn’t need to be the most expensive one. I picked up an HP Chromebook for less than $200. s

2. A smartphone
Having apps on your phone is important when you’re trying to keep track of social media notifications and emails from companies. Think of it as being on-call at all times. Of course, you can control when you’d like to be available.

3. A notepad
Whether you prefer typing away on your laptop keyboard or smartphone, writing things down can really help you in remembering them. Grab a notepad (no matter how big or small) and jot down some ideas for future posts or ways to promote you

Blogging Must-Haves PIN

If you’re armed with the proper tools, then you’ll be able to reach your blogging goals. To help you do so, I’m giving you the opportunity to enter to win a $200 Target gift card to pick up an item or two from this list. 

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  1. Great list! I agree that a smartphone is a must have, I do so much work from mine!

    1. Right? Sometimes it’s a blessing, but other times you wish you could just turn it off. I get way too many notifications in one day.

  2. These are great tools for bloggers. They are the simplest, and truly all you need 😉 thanks for sharing. I’ll be sure to enter the giveaway too. Who doesn’t love Target!?

    1. Yes, simple tools are always the best. And feel free to join the giveaway. It’s a good one!

  3. Ugh yes! I love my laptop around because I can blog anywhere and anytime!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  4. These 3 things are definitely a must have! Great giveaway!

  5. I definitely need a better laptop. I use a Macbook Air, and between all the things I work on, my memory is SHOT and I have to delete old projects I’ve uploaded before attempting to work on new ones. It’s so intense, so definitely need a Pro 😉 xx Adaleta Avdic

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