Parenting Lessons From Booster Bricks

Starting out the new year I told myself I wanted to declutter our home, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I’ve created several bags of clothing items from our closet and a number of bags of toys from our kids’ playroom.

Yet, we manage to add more toys — thanks to my husband. He’s a big kid at heart. It’s a blessing, but sometimes it can be a burden when you’re trying to clean up the mess.

Our kids’ playroom is next to the kitchen. This means it needs to be tidy or else I could slip on a toy while transitioning a hot pot of pasta from the stove into the sink. Oh, and believe me, it’s come close to happening.

More Toys For The Boys
When Booster Bricks reached out to me early in the year, I was a bit hesitant to collaborate. It wasn’t them, it was me.

Think about it, more toys in our home? I had images of having to walk through a number of LEGO pieces on a daily basis. I almost declined the idea of collaborating with them.

After some research on the brand, I decided to set up a chat with the CEO. I wanted to learn more and find out what their goals were for working with me, a blogger/influencer. It was nice to hear what they were doing and how they started the company.

Recycled LEGO pieces that have been previously loved by other fanatics are placed into a box and shipped to kids (and even adults) throughout the US. The best part is the challenges that come with the boxes.

Lessons From Booster Bricks
For parents, this subscription box is a no-brainer. Honestly, if you’re looking for a way to bond with your child, then I recommend this subscription box. I’ve worked with Booster Bricks twice, and I always mention their service to family and friends with kids. The more time I spent interacting with the brand, the more I realized our boys were loving it and that there were lessons for parents to share with their kids as well. I’ve shared three below:

Make use out of what you’re given.
A lot of the times people ask whether or not I was hoping for a girl. Honestly, I wasn’t and I never imagined myself raising one. In fact, I didn’t imagine myself with a third child either. I was fine with just our two boys.

At Booster Bricks, the subscription boxes come with a variety of LEGO pieces from different play sets. This allows your child to be more creative. I’ve made a number of things for our boys and they’ve even made their own ideas come to life.

Dedicate time to those you love.
The challenges can sometimes take time to create, and it’s a great way to bond with your child. Our five-year-old son enjoys taking out his Booster Bricks box to work on them. He even creates challenges for my husband and me to do. Like the time he asked me to build him a bridge for his city.

I love that I don’t need to hand off an iPad or turn on a show for our kids to keep busy. With Booster Bricks, it’s all about creating something with our kids.

Work together through the challenges. 
There are challenges that we face on a daily basis that make us question whether or not we can face them alone.

One of the perks of having a family is that you don’t need to. You’ve got your tribe to help you get through the tough ones.

Have you ever tried something that your entire family enjoyed? What was it? 


  1. Legos have always bee a family favorite. Kids never seem to get tired of them What a great invention they are LOL. Love the idea of the subscription idea. A neat idea.

  2. we’re the best mother if can handle cleaning boys toys calmly but the best challenge for us is when we teach them to clean their mess. It such a big headache when we the mess under the sofa, beds at tables! LOL

  3. This looks really fun! I may look into this for my youngest son’s birthday! I think he’d love it.

  4. ok my kids would love this. i really need to check them out.

  5. I really like the concept of Booster Bricks. It is a great way to bond with your children while teaching them life lessons that is full of creativity. Kids really love Legos and working together through the challenges is a perfect bonding exercise for the entire family.

  6. My daughter loves building things. I never thought about the lessons that could be learned using Booster Bricks.

  7. Booster Bricks looks like a great gift for my son. He loves builindg and I love the combination of life lessons along with play.

  8. Booster Bricks looks like something my son would love as he can play with building block for house. I love how this toy also teaches young kids about life lessons.

  9. Ahhh quality time with legos! Fun for the whole family. These are some nice life lessons. (And I hope you didn’t step on any when you were finished! Haha)

  10. Who wouldn’t love to get legos every month. Building together is bonding time. Plus does let them problem solve and makes you put down the devices and spend time with each other.

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