Boston Market Celebrates #NationalNutritionMonth With Meal Combos Under 550 Calories

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Drive-thru options are a blessing. Not only because they make it easier to pick up lunch when we’re running errands, but they give us a breather when we need a quick, healthy dinner our family can enjoy.

For moments when we’re pressed for time, or just don’t feel like cooking at home, we pick up a family meal from Boston Market.

It’s been Jeff’s go-to quick-serve restaurant since before we’ve been dating, and we even celebrated our wedding with a meal from Boston Market back in July.

Our wedding day was beautiful, but it was also a bit hectic. We had been running around all day, doing errands with my family, and I hadn’t made breakfast for Jeff. He didn’t even get his usual cup of coffee.

I couldn’t resist the offer when Jeff suggested we pick up some food from Boston Market.

There’s something about a warm meal, cooked to perfection, and served with a smile from the drive-thru attendant that makes your heart melt.

And it helps that the food from Boston Market tastes like something out of your mother’s kitchen. You get the sense that it was made with love.

With a variety of dishes for less than 550 calories, you really can’t feel guilty picking up a meal for your family on those off days. You know, the ones you prefer not to cook because you don’t want to clean the kitchen after.

Can you believe the garlic dilled potatoes are less than 500 calories? 

This week, Jeff had a cold. He stopped by Boston Market for chicken noodle soup. He has never tried their bowl of rotisserie chicken noodle soup before.
Jeff really liked the chicken noodle soup  because it comes with a good amount ofvegetables, and you can really taste the chicken in the broth.

Think Healthy
March is National Nutrition Month. And to celebrate, Boston Market removed salt shakers from tables in all its restaurants and has reduced sodium levels in all menu items by 15% or more.

Boston Market isn’t just serving up great meals, they are looking out for their guests as well. In fact, Boston Market was awarded a HALO Award by QSR Magazine in 2014 for its meaningful contributions to a healthy, active lifestyle for consumers.

Boston Market is committed to delivering only the best to its customers by offering 150 home style meal combinations that are full of flavor at 550 calories or less.

The company has also a proud participant in the National Restaurant Association’s “Kids LiveWell” program and a strategic partner of the United States Department of Agriculture “MyPlate” program.

Need a quick meal for your family? 
Stop by your local Boston Market today, and grab a Half Chicken Special for $8.49 – which includes a half signature, rotisserie roasted chicken, two sides and fresh baked cornbread.

Have your meal on Boston Market. Comment below for a chance to win $100 worth of gift cards so you can try one of the 150 home style meal combinations.

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  1. Amanda Love

    I use Boston Market when I'm not in the mood for cooking. They are really great for parties as well and their food is really good.

  2. Fatima Lora

    I never thought about using them for parties. That might actually come in handy for our son's third birthday. He loves their chicken!

  3. Kid Minds

    I have never been inside Boston Market! I assumed it was something like McDonalds (and I haven't been inside McDonalds since 1999). I'm glad to hear they have chicken noodle soup. Might come in handy when the whole family is down with the cold and no one has the energy to cook one from scratch at home.

    1. Fatima Lora

      Yes, they're chicken noodle soup is perfect for colds.

  4. Rachel Langer

    We had a Boston Market in our town when I was a child but they closed. I wish they would come back! I don't do fast food often but when you have to they are one of the best choices!

    1. Fatima Lora

      There aren't that many in most cities, but for those who have a Boston Market in their town, they benefit from the convenience of having them so close.

  5. meyer137

    We dont have one anywhere near us but I have heard some great things about it! Sometimes you are just in a rush! I cook most meals at home, but sometimes there are just those days that you arent having it and need to go out!

    1. Fatima Lora

      I agree. Sometimes you just need a well-cooked meal that is served with a smile at a drive-thru.

  6. jillconyers

    I didn't know March is national nutrition month. Great reason to celebrate. A celebration that should be 365 days a year.

  7. Megan McCoig

    I've never heard of this. Looks fab though for those who love to eat healthy meals – the food looks good to!

  8. Karissa Ancell

    I wish we had a Boston Market nearby. I really enjoy them and its great they have these healthier meals.

  9. Veronica Pototska

    I totally love this idea of removing salt shakers. Healthy society means happy society and strong economy

    1. Fatima Lora

      Isn't it genius?! I love that they're doing this.

  10. Tough Cookie Mommy

    We love eating from Boston Market so I'm glad that they are adding more variety to their menu. I will have to taste their healthier meal options for myself.

    1. Fatima Lora

      They're so good! I'm all for treating myself to their cookies.

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