What A Boy Mom Goes Through Daily

Being a boy mom can be stressful at times. In this post, I share tips on how to raise a boy and what to teach your son. From the value of discipline to respecting boundaries, it's all part of raising a son.

Teaching your son to be a gentleman sounds exciting when your child is a toddler. It’s not until they leave the toddler stage that you quickly realize being a boy mom requires a lot more patience.

From finding random clothing items throughout the house to pieces of LEGO creations in the dryer, it sometimes feels like a losing battle.

As soon as you prepare your truce speech, a little head peeks through the closet door. They reach out for a hug and somehow they manage to spot the candy wrapper from your favorite treat.

A hand reaches out, no words are exchanged.

At that moment, you realize that this is your truce. As much as you’d like to hang on to your last piece of candy, he manages to get you to hand it over.

You hold them thinking they’ll forever be a momma’s boy.

My Everyday Life With Boys

After years of raising two boys, I’ve come to the conclusion that fighting is just part of their nature. Below are 3 daily observations from being a boy mom.

Costumes are part of their wardrobe.

I don’t recall any of my brothers having this many costumes growing up, but these days, boy moms find themselves folding more superhero costumes than underwear.

The superhero gloves have become part of their daily attire.

Keeping them busy requires strategy.

When I plan a day with the family, I always think of ways to tire the kids out. The boys have too much energy throughout the day, and oftentimes require more active play.

There’s a strategy we use and ways to execute them so that I can get more accomplished throughout the day.

Weapons are everywhere.

After the birth of our first son, I didn’t want anything to do with guns. Fast-forward to today, the kids have Nerf guns, water guns and toy guns throughout.

They’re slowing trying to talk us into getting them laser guns as well.

Even if you’ve opted to not go with toy guns, boys manage to figure out how to create their own weapons. The boys have used my spatula as a sword, the top of pots and pans as shields. They’re creative individuals, but I often find my kitchen items in their bedroom or playroom.

Thoughts Of A Boy Mom

Despite the mess, there’s always a hug at the end of the day. I don’t know how long they’ll want to cuddle on the couch for a movie, but I’ll take it any day.

Some of the thoughts that cross my mind as a mom of boys are whether I’m doing enough and if they’re happy.

A friend shared something on Facebook recently that made me question our kids. He shared a post from a mom who asked her son “What can I do to be a better mom?”

I asked the kids, and one of my sons said to play with him more. It was an eye-opener because I didn’t realize how much they missed playing with me. I had been doing movie nights with them, but that wasn’t enough.

That’s when I pulled out the LEGO pieces and decided to dedicate at least one hour a day to building the LEGO city I had promised them months ago.

How To Raise A Boy

One of the toughest challenges I face in raising kids is learning how to be a boy mom. Raising a boy sounds like an easy task, but it isn’t.

As a mom of boys you’re faced with a variety of issues. You want to protect them from the world, but you also know they need to experience life. My husband and I often remind our kids that we rather be tough on them so that they don’t grow up thinking others will always be kind.

Kindness and love is always flowing in our home, but we teach the kids that there are consequences to their actions.

Teach your son the value in discipline.

The boys have learned to respect themselves and others around them by understanding that there are others in this world. Not only are they considerate of those around them, but they also think of others as well.

It wasn’t always this way. My husband and I have taken the time to instill this in their minds.

This has helped our boys understand that we won’t accept anything less from them. Mistakes happen, and we acknowledge this as parents. We also understand that mistakes can be avoided. “Don’t say sorry, be careful” are words you often hear in our home.

Teach him to communicate how he feels.

Feelings are important and our boys know that expressing themselves is one of the best ways to communicate with someone.

Although it’s not common in society that men share their feelings, we encourage it around here.

Encourage your son to learn how to do chores.

It’s no surprise that when Mr. Miyagi wanted to teach Daniel about the basics in “The Karate Kid”, he made sure he knew how to use his hands. Not only did he learn to use them but he also tried different techniques in the process.

Completing chores is the foundation of taking care of yourself and those around you. If you can’t help in your home, how else will you help those in your community? Always help them in the process and teach them how to improve.

Help your son understand independence.

Whether you decide to pay your child for helping around the house or not, it’s important for them the learn about being independent and earning money.

The summer is a great time when kids earn money for helping others. Use this as a lesson to teach your child how they can work towards a goal.

Raise your son to respect boundaries.

There are lines you cannot cross, and this ties into discipline. There comes a time when as a boy mom will need to give your child their space.

Privacy is important for children as they get older. However, you should be involved in their daily life. This is where communication comes into play.


  1. Surprisingly, my boys don’t wear many costumes. They went through a phase for a few months that they wore their old Halloween costumes, but that was it. It’s amazing how they can run you through the ringer but then have all the love and hugs for you at bedtime!!

  2. I have 4 boys so I know all about how hard it is to raise them. My boys did best with boundries and having something to do.

  3. Omg yes to all of this! I have a 3.5 year old boy who is all boy’ always a weapon!

  4. This line cracked me up, “moms find themselves folding more superhero costumes than underwear.” So true, plus, my son loves pajamas because they have all his favorite characters on them so I fold more of those than anything else and he used to want to wear them 24/7.

  5. I don’t have any boys, just two girls. I have a few nephews though, so I kinda know about some of this. The whole costume thing is definitely spot on.

  6. My husband and I have noticed quite few differences in parenting girls and parenting boys. But, it does keep life interesting and the house full of noise and laughter.

  7. I’ve been working on the chores thing lately with my son. I want him to know that you have to work hard in life to earn the things you want, aka, a paycheck.

  8. My boy is now 16 years old. I hear you about the toy guns. We had Nerf guns and water guns galore! They grow up way too fast. I miss the cuddles.

  9. These are so true! Raising boys really requires lots of strategy in teaching them about independence and life. This is a really helpful post.

  10. I knew it was challenging to raise boys but didn’t realize just HOW challenging. My grandma raised 10 (yes TEN!!) boys and they all grew up to be upstanding men. I can’t believe it’s possible but I love her even more.

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