5 Ways To Budget Your Time

Most people assume budgeting yourself has to do with money. What if I told you it means more to budget your time than you do your money?

For months, I’ve been cutting down the unnecessary things in my life, such as stress. I’ve minimized the amount of time I give to the things that cause stress to my life and began focusing heavily on what matters; my family and the time I have with them.

Our little ones are growing way too fast, and it really didn’t hit me until recently I was slowly missing out on allowing them to be children. I would spend a good chunk of my day pitching companies, connecting with other bloggers and trying to perfect my blog. When I wasn’t online, I was trying to make the house look decent. I say that lightly since we have two kids and two pups — all of which are very active.

One day, I told myself to that I needed to organize myself, and that by doing so I’d gain my sanity again. I remember looking at my kids and realizing I missed them, and that I was missing out on them.

5 Things That Really Helped
You never know how much you need to organize your thoughts until you look at your home. I read somewhere that how your home/office space looks, has a lot to do with how your mind works. If one is cluttered, then so is the other. In the 3+ years that I’ve been running Motherhood Through My Eyes, I can finally say that I’ve got the hang of it. And that I now know how to balance my personal and professional life. I’ve shared five of the things that have helped me along the way.

1. Wrote down my goals.
After telling myself that I needed to make some changes, I jotted them down. I began to focus on my goals, included not only professional goals, but also personal ones. I began with my number one job: being a full-time mom. Blogging became part-time, and that was the best decision I had made in a long time. Dedicating more time to my family meant I’d be able to watch my kids enjoy life a little more, and in return, enjoy them just as much.

2. Shared my goals with close friends.
Few people even knew I had a blog until I started sharing posts on Facebook, and even less of them knew I was actually getting paid for the stuff I was sharing. There are a couple of reasons why I didn’t tell anyone, and one of them was they really wouldn’t understand. When I’m passionate about something, I’ve very cautious with whom I share it with. You’ll be surprised how many people are just waiting to burst your bubble. Eh, I guess share anyway. Those who care will support you, and they really care to see you succeed.

3. Created my own success point.
I joke with my husband that the day I get an all-inclusive hotel stay for our family, then I’ve “made it”. Of course, this is nothing compared to what others have said their success point would be, but for me, it means a lot. I’ve worked with brands I’ve loved for several years and that’s also something to celebrate, right?

4. Planned ahead. 
As a blogger, you really have to plan for things that are beyond your control, like the time I went into labor with our second child. I had posts scheduled a month or two in advance. It allowed me to focus on my family and not worry about whether or not I was keeping my blog alive, so to speak. I still plan ahead today, and have an editorial calendar with features for every month. This helps me organize pitches from companies, and respond with tentative dates.

5. Made real connections.
If you feel there is something that might be useful in a pitch or by collaborating with another blogger, then I say go for it. I stopped entertaining the idea of possibly working with a company, or trying to make something work out of the pitches I received. It’s okay to turn people and things down. This opens up your path (and time) to something more meaningful.

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  1. Perfect. Allowing ourselves to focus more on the important things that matter rather than the stress that ruins our day is something to give priority with. Counting our blessings whether it’s a small achievement or a big success. We should always be grateful for everything He has and will continue to give us.

    1. Well said. I think by minimizing the amount of stress in our lives, and simplifying our days, we’re appreciating what life has to offer.

  2. Great tips, these! Time management is one of my downfalls. How to fit in kids, freelance work, fitness, healthy eating and sleep in just a mere 24 hours?!

  3. It is so important to use your time wisely. I always have to write things down and work through a list. Thanks for the tips.

  4. Having a plan is important, it’s even more motivating if you have a timeline too. I think these are great. Managing your time is important especially if you have goals that you want to achieve asap!

  5. robin masshole mommy

    I write EVERYTHING down. For me, if I don’t have it written down somewhere – it won’t get done.

  6. 2. Shared my goals with close friends. this is really true, we could hear different suggestions! it helps me a lot!

    1. I agree. You never know who you might inspire. 🙂

  7. Writing down my goals is what helps me – it seems like once they are on hard copy … I have to get to them and realize them LOL!

  8. Great post, and I totally agree with you on budgeting one’s time. Our time is valuable!

    1. I think you hit the nail on the head with that one. Time really is valuable.

  9. I need to write down my goals more often. I think it would really help me out.

    1. Writing them down really does help. It’s like reminding yourself of what you need to do 😉

  10. I am such a bad planner and budgeter, so these tips were much needed! Thanks for your advice!

    1. We all need to start somewhere, and you’re welcome

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