Building A Loving Relationship

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TODAY’S LOVE TOPIC: What do you feel is important to have in a relationship? What helps love thrive in a relationship? In your experience, what are you relationship “must haves?”

I have always believed in honest, loving relationships and I still do today. When you are in the dating scene, this is something you hope for and rarely ever find it. You can search the world up and down and you may never find a love so true unless of course you found it in you. 

For me, a relationship will thrive if it involves love, care and understanding (L.C.U.). I made this up back in high school and it always stuck to me. 

“When you love, you care, and when you care, you are willing to understand.” It can go the other way around as well. It is a beautiful cycle, one that takes time to fully comprehend.

Although I use these in my relationship with Jeff, the three can be used for self-love, break-ups and more. 

Your turn. 

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