Capturing Moments With Instagram

Busy is an understatement these days. I am currently reaching out to other bloggers and moms alike to push the “Love Yourself” movement before February. Everything has gone smoothly so far, and I have received a ton of support on Twitter via #MTMEshop thank you so much, everyone!

I am excited to share all the beautiful photos of the lovely women, especially the moms. Taking time out for ourselves sounds easier said than done, but it is so important to do so. Sometimes you are so busy you not only forget about yourself, but you also forget about the little things that make someone else smile. 

We recently took a trip to Vista View Park. It is one of the nicest parks we have ever been to, and has become one of our favorites here in South Florida. The views are beautiful. Crazy to think it was once dumping grounds. Jeff took several photos with his phone and it was nice to capture these memories and share them with our family and friends on social media. We do this because it is a lot like having them with us, taking in the memories.

I made a collage of our favorite photos on Instagram. Here we are enjoying the sunset with our boys:

I have tried creating a photo album of all our memories together. I have used Kanvess and Print Studio. I had a pleasant experience with both companies, and I printed so many different things through Print Studio, such as a photobook, photostrips and photosquares.

Although I love what these companies are doing to help consumers share and treasure the memories they capture through Instagram and other social sites, they are forgetting one thing. We are so busy enjoying the moment and sharing them across social media that we sometimes forget those that do not have access to the web, or even hop on Facebook.

With more than 70% of Internet users engaging on social media sites, it may sound silly to think that there are people out there that do not “do social media” — but, it is true. I know a good handful of them, too.

So, what if these companies would automatically send you a couple of the images you post on social media?  That is where Gramzies comes in. With Gramzies, members can choose 10 images from their Instagram feed to print every month, and they are automatically sent to your home. You can set it up so the images are sent to a loved one so they can watch your baby grow.
Gramzies is the perfect gift for grandparents and other far away relatives. Sign up today, and pay less than $5 a month to send your loved ones a special gift each month.

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