How To Easily Clean Your Car At Home

Quick tips for when you clean your car at home

Having kids doesn’t mean you need to have a messy car. With three kids and two dogs, it’s easy to think of ways why our vehicles should be dirty.

To be honest, for a long time this was the best way to approach the mess in our lives. It became normal for us, and we embraced it.

It wasn’t until I decided to take control of the messes in my life that it began to inspire others in our home.

You can bet our kids started to take more responsibility and began picking up after themselves. We set some rules about our home and our vehicles, and how we would maintain the things we have so they last.

Honestly, when we told the kids about preserving their things, they were all for it.

Good hygiene stems from how you maintain yourself and the things you own. Having the kids help when you clean your car at home can be helpful. Not only are they learning to preserve things, but they’re also creating habits that will last a lifetime.

With a change in weather comes this urge to get out and get moving. For us, that means more family road trips. To get the kids excited about upcoming events, we always ask them about snacks and other things they’d like to bring along for the ride.

How Often Should You Clean Your Car

Living in South Florida means warm weather throughout the year. This increase in weather creates odors from unpleasant things, like leftover snacks and pieces of candy in the car.

Something as simple as a plastic bottle can warm up from the sun and create undesirable smells.

Getting a detail and a car wash from a local gas station might seem like a great plan. However, if you’re looking to save money, this isn’t the best option. Instead, you can opt to clean your car at home.

You can add an exterior and interior car wash to the spring cleaning with the kids to-do list. This will help lighten the load.

Also, we prefer to clean the vehicles ourselves by hand because most places will leave scratches on your car and watermarks on the windshield and throughout.

You can always pick up an at-home car washing kit to help make it easier.

Tips For When You Clean Your Car At Home

Before you begin cleaning the vehicle, it’s important to separate the items you’d like to trash, keep or donate. Some people are quick to trash their items instead of offering them to someone who could use it.

You can start organizing the items that you plan to keep by properly stashing them as you wipe down surfaces. One of our favorite products for surfaces is Schmidt’s Cleaning Vinegar. Use the Cleaning Vinegar to wipe cup holders to remove sticky spills as well.

If you’re planning to clean your car this weekend, use Amazon Prime account to stock up on Schmidt’s Cleaning Vinegar. It’s also available at Whole Foods.

If you have small children, be sure to remove car seats and clean well underneath. We chose two of these Graco All-in-One car seats that have machine-washable cloth and are easy to move from one car to the next. (Here’s an alternative)

After sorting things and wiping down surfaces, it’s important to vacuum the carpet/flooring. Keep an extension cord handy to have access to all the hard-to-reach areas.

We keep a handheld vacuum ready for the crumbs and minor messes the kids leave behind. This is the best way to clean out crumbs, dirt, and other things that hide in cracks and crevices.

Once you have vacuumed you’ll notice areas in the vehicle that need a deeper cleaning. Floor mats can always benefit from a good brushing. Use dish soap and water to help remove some of the tough dirt.

Keep fabric refresher handy to make the seats and carpets smell fresh and clean after a good wash.

Do you prefer to clean your car at home? Tell us why in a comment below!

Cleaning a car interior can seem tough when you have kids. Learn how you can easily clean your car at home with these simple steps.


  1. These are easy tips to follow. I sometimes think that car cleaning is such an errand. Well, not if it is this easy.

  2. Oh yes, I do so much prefer to clean my car from home. I best know where each dirty-spot is and besides, I get the chance on small “unseen” items on the car that need some attention.

  3. We usually take it to the car wash, but I loved your tips and can’t wait to try it at home!

  4. My husband always cleans our cars at home, and he does a very good and thorough job. I think he does it, like you said, to save money, and because he doesn’t want any scratches on our vehicles.

  5. Great tips that will clean my car and save me money. I love it.

  6. Great tips! Much better than going to the car wash.

  7. I like to wash my own car but making the time to do it seems difficult.

  8. Handheld vacuum is a great idea! I need one for my car too. So handy isn’t it?

    1. Yes! We keep it handy for when the kids leave crumbs. It’s so convenient.

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