Jan 292020

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If there’s one room in your home that needs attention and cleaning every single day, it is your kitchen. Whether you’re exhausted from the day or looking to leave the mess for the next day, there’s something you need to understand. A messy kitchen means crumbs, and crumbs mean pests.

One of the best ways to motivate yourself to clean your kitchen at night is to remind yourself of this: leaving a mess out for the next day is like dragging on a problem when you already have the solution.

Get to those dishes and wipe down those counters!

You’ll be glad you did.

Read on to discover 6 super easy and actionable ways to tidy your kitchen even when you’re pressed for time.

1. Pick a Corner

One of the simplest ways to clean a dirty kitchen in a short period is to start from a corner and then move on to other parts of the kitchen. Clorox wipes are a great way to remove tough grease stains from your kitchen. If you prefer a natural cleaning option, then we recommend Schmidt’s Cleaning Vinegar. We recently tried it on our kitchen counters and loved the scent. Schmidt’s Cleaning Vinegar has essential oils — amber and aloe — to help minimize the smell of vinegar.

2. Wash As You Go

Getting the entire day’s worth of dishes in one sitting can be a task, especially if you’re doing them without a dishwasher. That’s exactly why doing them in smaller chunks, spread throughout the day can be a great idea. Yes, it will feel as though you’re constantly washing, but it helps when you’re exhausted at night and only have little to no dishes to wash. Dry them as you go and place the items where they belong.

3. Minimize the Mess

The best way to ensure that you don’t actually have to put in a lot of effort while you clean your kitchen is to reduce the number of things you have or use. You can start by getting rid of the plastic cups and gift mugs you’ve picked up along the way.

4. Work Smart

If you don’t like having to spend much time doing the dishes, then we suggest soaking the ones with food residue in soap and water. Doing this as soon as you finish using the dish will make it easier when removing the leftover food.

5. Organize Your Dishes Accordingly

Sometimes it’s not only about how you clean your kitchen. In fact, most times it has to do with how you organize your space. Make sure you have your everyday items placed closest to the sink. This way, whenever you need something, it’s within arm’s length and is easy to put away after.

6. Use Multipurpose Tools

Multifunctional tools can be useful in your kitchen. Not only does it make for an easier cleanup, but it also minimizes clutter. Kitchen shears are great to have. If you have a great knife, you can do without one.

How often do you clean your kitchen? Tell us any tips you’d like to add!

Discover how you can clean your kitchen in half the time every night. These 6 tips can help you organize your home and make for an easier clean up.

Reader Comments

  1. What great quick tips to clean a kitchen with limited time. The reminder of, “leaving a mess out for the next day is like dragging on a problem..” is enough of a reminder to motivate me to NOT to leave it 🙂

  2. I would love to overhaul my whole kitchen. But for now time does not allow. And our whole family has been so tired lately. So our newest solution is that we all clean the kitchen together as soon as we finish eating to make it end quickly. It has definitely made lighter work for us and we love the together time. And you are right. We are so glad once it is done for the night.

  3. These tips will be useful for me when I move to my new apartment! I hate cleaning the kitchen and bathroom! Hope it will be a bit easier now! 🙂

  4. It feels like we’re constantly cleaning our kitchen. We recently downsized from 3500 sq ft to 1100 sq ft and with the smaller space find we need to clean much more frequently because a little mess looks bigger in a small space.

  5. Great tips! A clean kitchen is a great way to start the day and I love doing this before we all go to bed at night.

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