Nov 272018
3 Ways To #BeAGoodCookie This Christmas

Cookies For Kids' invites you to help spread the word about pediatric cancer research.

Sponsored by Cookies For Kids’ Cancer. Product and information about the company were provided by the brand. Thoughts on the product and its use are of the writer. 

Writing down your Christmas shopping list can be exciting as a parent. One thing we’d like to implement more of each year is ways to give back to others. 

Our children have been fortunate to be surrounded by a number of people who love and care deeply for them. Oftentimes this means we end up with more than we imagined during the holiday season.

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Dark chocolate and cranberry cookies we received from Cookies For Kids’ Cancer.
They’re delicious!

Throughout the years, we’ve done our best to show our children the importance of giving back to others. 

For years, we would create holiday baskets for family and friends. Since we started hosting Christmas Eve in our home, we’ve cut back on making our holiday baskets. 

To help continue with our tradition of giving to others, we’ve decided to look for new ways to give back during the holiday season. Below are three ways we’ll be giving back this year: 

  1. Sending Cookies For Kids’ Cancer to our family. Cookies For Kids’ Cancer, a non-profit organization selling all-gourmet treats, recently announced it has raised $15M. All of the proceeds from cookie orders are used to fund pediatric cancer. We’re sending a package to my parents and will be including a batch of these delicious cookies as well. 
  2. Donating unopened gifts to our local elementary school for their toy drive. Our boys get a lot of gifts during the holidays, many of which they might play with once and put aside. I rather gift the items to someone who would make use of the toys. 
  3. Writing Christmas cards to the veterans and their families we donate our lightly used items. It’s always nice to hear kind words from others. We want to bring some hope for the new year by spreading some cheer. 

How will you be giving back this holiday season? Share your thoughts in a comment below!

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Reader Comments

  1. These are such great ways to give back. We “adopt” children in foster care. Our church gets a list of names and a few gift ideas and we always adopt one of the families and buy/gift wrap gifts for them.

  2. These are absolutely wonderful ways to teach our kids the importance to give back. Our kids and veterans are two really awesome ways to show our kids the spirit of giving.

  3. This is a great initiative to get your children invovled in. We adopt a family in need in our community every year during the holidays. My kids really enjoy shopping and helping our yearly family out.

  4. Great idea to regift presents to children in need. I usually give throughout the year not just during the holiday season. However, for Thanksgiving, with my church, I contribute to local families in need. Happy holiday season to you.

  5. I love all of these ideas so much! I am trying to instill to my kids the idea of giving this time of year and these are such simple but impactful ways to teach them to think of others and make a difference.

  6. I’m always looking for a great organization to support over the holidays. I usually choose the children’s cancer ward. This looks like a great one.

  7. What a great way to give back. I like to pick a family to sponsor each holiday season. That’s how are family are good cookies 🙂

  8. This is so awesome! I had never heard of cookies for cancer until recently when I noticed someone selling cookies in front of their home (holiday display that gets lots of visitors) for this cause. Of course I had to be a good cookie myself and purchased a few 😉

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