Costco Opens Long-Awaited Store In Coral Springs

Coral Springs residents were excited to learn that one of their favorite stores was opening a location in their town. On Thursday, February 7th the company opened its doors at 4621 Coral Ridge Drive.

With locations in Boca Raton and Pompano Beach, it was time for Coral Springs to get a Costco store of its own.

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Food shopping is my workout!

The 156,000-square-foot building has many of the same items you can see at your local Costco:

  • An independent doctor of optometry;
  • Pharmacy;
  • Tire center;
  • Hearing aid center; and
  • Food court.
A dairy section fit for a queen! Ale from
said it’s just like the Costco in Canada.

One of my favorite features is at the Food Court center. There’s a Self-Checkout Kiosk available to its members. This makes ordering during your lunch hour or while picking up a few items a breeze.

The Coral Springs location is the 8th of the company’s warehouses to open in South Florida, and the 27th to open in the state.

At checkout, I chatted with cashier Tay who is excited to hear the company is expanding. “I went to college and I’m glad I found a job with Costco,” she said. “There’s so much opportunity, and hearing that we’ve opened up another store makes me happy about the future.”

Costco Cashier Tay at checkout at the Coral Springs store opening.

Tay expressed how thrilled she gets whenever she hears news of expansion from Costco. “It gives me chills to hear about Costco and what they’re doing. Knowing that there’s always room for growth in this company.”

Shopping Tips For Costco Newbies

A baby carrier comes in handy for busy moms, even at Costco.

Sign up for the Costco Executive Membership. It’s double the price of the basic one, but you get 2% cash back on what you spend at the end of the year.

Frozen yogurt being handed out by the Food Court as samples at the Coral Springs event.

Make use of their Food Court. It’s no secret that food shopping can make you hungry, and you might need to buy some items before you can head home and make a decent meal for your family. Choose some items from the food court at Costco to help sustain you and your little one while you finish up your shopping. Pizza is always a hit with our boys — so is frozen yogurt!

There’s something for everyone at Costco!
Here’s Ale hanging with a new friend!

Think of others. One of the perks of buying in bulk is that you can split items with family and friends. After all, sharing is caring!

Plan your dream backyard with patio must-haves from Costco.

Plan ahead for upcoming family events. Get excited about summer with patio must-haves from Costco. Everything you need for your dream backyard is in one section.

Employees reminding members to make use of the Costco mobile app.

Download the Costco mobile app. Make a list of the things you need from Costco, find current offers, order products with your photos on them and check warehouse information from your phone. All this can be done with the Costco app.

Checking out at Costco with some everyday essentials.

Don’t forget to stock up on everyday essentials. Toilet paper and milk are two of the essential items we stock up on from our local Costco. What goes best with milk? Cookies!

The Costco Bakery has been serving up my favorite trio for years! I couldn’t resist.

Are you a Costco member? Tell me about the items you love more from your local store!


  1. Ashley

    Costco seems to have everything!! I really wish there was open near me. I’d probably go every week!

  2. Cait

    oh my gosh i LOVe costco and that i can do a quick pick up as well when i have so many items i want to get but not enough room in my cart ha. you’ll love it my friend! enjoy stocking up!

  3. Melissa Chapman

    Costco is an essential for so many of us. It is a great way to shop and if you partner with a friend you can really save.

  4. Theresa

    We got one about 3 years ago and I shop there every week now. It’s my favorite store. And the cheese pizza from the food court is the best!

  5. Cherri Megasko

    I just love Costco. I go with my daughter a couple times a year, but we live in a small town and there isn’t one near us.

  6. Tamara

    I so wanting a Costco to come to our area in Florida. I just love their store.

  7. travelwisesr

    It is always so exciting when a new store is opening in the neighborhood.Makes life easier.

  8. Danielle Faith

    I have a huge love/hate relationship with Costco. This means, I love hating it. 😉 In all seriousness, though, I really do find costco to be fan favorite when it comes to buying in bulk.

  9. Cara (@StylishGeek)

    I know what it is like to get excited over a Costco opening. I used to live in a city with Costco and when we moved and there was no Costco it took us awhile to get used to it. But when a new one opened we were ecstatic!

  10. Ingrid

    Besides the great bargains to be had at Costco I have heard of the wonderful food court. I am glad you’ll get to experience this in the new Costco that turned up in your area

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