Oct 202014
Baby Registry

If you’re like me, you typically buy anything and everything you need. So, maybe a baby registry is pointless, right?


Yes, you can go ahead and save money to buy your own items. But it’d be cheaper if your family and friends pitched in to purchase the items for you.

People in your life are going to ask what items you’ll need for your little one. Sharing a link to a list of items is much easier than explaining to them that you want the Graco SmartSeat Rosin, nothing else because it just won’t match your child’s theme. I know. I did that!

Everything that was in my registry I have used at least once with my son. But, there are items I regret adding to the list. To help you avoid these mistakes, I have put together a list of useful baby items your little one will love as he/she continues to grow.

But first, let us discuss setting up your baby registry.

Your Baby Registry Awaits!
If you no longer doubt that you need a registry, then you’ve come to the right place. I have seen baby registries with “useless” products that can easily be replaced with everyday items, e.g. the body pillow. You could use a bunch of pillows that you already own to do the same.

When I finally convinced myself that a baby registry wouldn’t only be helpful for me but also for my baby shower guests, I did some research and discussed it with some friends and co-workers to see what retailers would be best. And yes, I did decide on more than one registry. I’ll explain why below.

Here are four tips to creating an awesome registry that saves you time and money:

1. Choose your retailer(s).
Just because I chose to have family and friends purchase items for my son’s arrival didn’t mean I wanted them to spend all their money. I chose Amazon, Babies ‘R’ Us and Target because they had the best prices, plus I frequently shop at these retailers. If you also choose more than one, I suggest doing a little price comparison to help your family and friends save.

Bonus: Babies ‘R’ Us and Target will give you discounts after your baby’s arrival date has passed for left-over items. 

2. Load up on items.
If you know the brand of diapers you want to use, ask for stacks of them! You can even sign up for freebies and trials:

Huggies (Free samples of diapers and wipes)
Honest (Free-trial)

3. Think of quality.
You want to best for your baby, and sometimes that means digging a little deeper into your savings. Before you make the purchase, ask other parents for their opinion on the brands and/or products.

4. Search for the best online reviews.
Although it may feel as though you’re alone on this journey, remember there are thousands of moms who went through the same feelings. If you like a brand or product that your friends don’t necessarily know much about or don’t highly recommend, check out what other parents have to say about it.

And most importantly, remember to have fun setting up your baby registry! 

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