Romantic Date Night Ideas For Married Couples To Enjoy At Home

Romantic date night ideas for married couples vary based on your interests. For some, it goes beyond romantic date ideas and more about activities for couples to do together. Discover fun date night options you can enjoy with your partner. 

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Make time for what matters — each other.

There are various ways you can get the most out of time with your spouse. Whether you go on dates in the daytime or spend an evening out together, the key is to have fun. 

You can appreciate the moments by creating lasting memories. This can be done by jotting down a bucket list of things you’d like to do in your lifetime.

What Do Couples Do For Fun?

Creating a list of activities for couples to do together can be exciting. Although some things might require money, planning ahead can help you budget expenses and your time. 

You can easily limit your spending by getting creative with romantic date night ideas for married couples.

There’s a number of things couples do for fun. For starters, spending time together and apart are two things that couples value the most. 

Couples who spend time together understand the value of spending time alone and vice versa. Healthy marriages appreciate both equally. The Top 5 couples activities according to VeryWellMind are:

  • Exercising;
  • Date nights;
  • Traveling;
  • Cooking; and 
  • New hobbies

Are Date Nights Necessary?

Dating your partner can be a blessing in disguise. At first, you might use the time together to discuss upcoming events or important happenings in your life. 

As time goes on, you might not even realize the value you’ve brought to your relationship by simply adding moments for each other. 

There are a handful of unpopular reasons why date nights are necessary. According to, including date nights into your routine. 

  1. You’ll be happier in your marriage
  2. You’ll be investing in improving your connection
  3. It’ll help your sex life
  4. Women have noted increased satisfaction in overall marriage
  5. Your children will have a better childhood

One-on-one time together has proven to help couples improve their overall relationship. Three things increased when couples made time for each other: communication; sexual satisfaction; and commitment. 

Do Married Couples Go On Dates?, How Many Date Nights Should A Married Couple Have?, How Do You Plan Date Night Ideas For Married Couples?
Find interesting ways to connect with your spouse.

Do Married Couples Go On Dates?

Planning time out together is key to creating unforgettable memories. Although some prefer at-home date nights, there are options available for those looking for more excitement. 

According to, going for a couples massage, cooking together, or simply starting a new hobby with your spouse can make a difference. 

You can even revisit places that you loved in your youth or when you began dating. This is a great way to relive those memories and share a few laughs together. 

How Many Date Nights Should A Married Couple Have?

Aside from holidays and other special occasions, it’s important for you to plan romantic date night ideas for married couples that are both exciting and relaxing. 

When you take time out of your day for your spouse, you’re letting them know you value your relationship and want to continue to build on your connection. 

A more recent study from the Marriage Foundation found that couples who go on dates once a month have a better chance of staying together than those who do not. 

Although getting out together can help with your relationship, it can also cause friction between you and your partner. 


The same study concluded that “how often couples go out and their likelihood of staying together is not linear”. In fact, spending more time outside of your home may cause you to neglect important tasks. 

It can also put added stress on your relationship due to constant planning as well as a financial strain on your marriage.

Date Night Ideas For Couples

There are a number of fun couples activities you can plan throughout the year. Here are 12 cute date night options from Good Housekeeping that are worth checking out. 

This list includes romantic date night options for at-home as well.

  1. Try a new restaurant
  2. Play tourist in your hometown
  3. Plan a picnic for two
  4. Take an adventurous hike
  5. Learn a skill together
  6. Dine out for dessert
  7. Visit a comedy show
  8. Do a karaoke night
  9. Go bowling together
  10. Challenge each other at an arcade
  11. Head to the movie theater
  12. Work on a garden together

It’s interesting to think how important it is for you to date your spouse, and yet many don’t make time to do it. 

Sometimes you might find yourself consumed with everything around you. At times you may even forget about yourself, too. 

There are many pros to wanting to go on a date with your partner. A study from the University of Virginia by the National Marriage Project highlighted the top reasons why it strengthens the relationship. 

  1. A date night can be used as an opportunity to communicate, and by expressing yourself this helps “deepen [the] understanding of one another and the relationship”. 
  2. Date nights can be valuable for each of you. Engaging in activities together as simple as outdoor activities can help you and your partner improve the quality of your relationship.
  3. Going on dates can reignite the spark that you’ve been meaning to work on again.
  4. Having a date night can also strengthen a couple’s commitment to one another. 
  5. A night out with your partner can relieve stress.

According to American sociologist William Bradford Wilcox, “Taking time for your relationship — whether inside the home or outside of the home — is good for your relationship health.” 

He added: “This isn’t rocket science, but it’s an important reminder.” Wilcox serves as Director of the National Marriage Project and Professor of Sociology at the University of Virginia. 

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Rekindle your marriage with simple date nights.

How Do You Plan A Romantic Date Night Ideas For Married Couples?

Thinking about the options available to you and your spouse is key to planning a successful date night. Whether you decide to do an at-home date night or head into town, it’s important that you add some type of planning into the equation. 

A little planning goes a long way when you’re hoping to “date” your spouse again. Just think of how you began courting each other. 

Flirting and asking the right questions might bring back some memories. It can even reignite the flame between you both. 

There are various couples exercises you can try together. Below is a list from to help inspire your next date night ideas for married couples.

  1. Ask meaningful questions
  2. Learn something new
  3. Write “Thank You” notes often
  4. Take work breaks together
  5. Keep a journal together
  6. Set time aside to be silly
  7. Mentally escape together for a bit
  8. Compliment each other often
  9. Prioritize connecting with loved ones
  10. Check-in on each other throughout the day
  11. Give each other space

However you plan to make time for each other, you’ll want to set time every month or so to the commitment. 

Just as you wouldn’t cancel an important meeting, you shouldn’t cancel on your spouse. Show your person the value in the connection you’ve been able to build together. 

A friend and South Florida realtor Jules Damouni enjoys weekly planned date nights with her husband and daughter. Although her daughter tags along often, she does value the time she has with her husband.

“I love my family date nights,” she mentioned, “but honestly, there’s like couple [date nights] because we really get to catch up and enjoy each other’s company.”

Planning a date night with your spouse isn’t always easy when you have children at home. Through a quick survey conducted on Instagram and Facebook, it’s evident that most parents of small children go on date nights every month.

Parents with older children said they value the time with their spouse and make time for date nights every couple of months.

In terms of planning ahead for date night ideas together, the majority of couples said they preferred doing so. Almost half of the respondents (47%) said not having a babysitter is what prevents them from planning more date nights.

As for their ideal date night, couples who answered this question included dinner together as part of it. This was followed up with dancing, live music, movies, and taking a walk.

It goes to show how simple date nights go a long way for partners.

Date Night Ideas To Rekindle Marriage

Spending time together is just as important as spending time apart. At times you might find yourself longing to do hobbies you once enjoyed. 

How you feel about yourself reflects on how you feel about your relationships with others — including your spouse. 

One of the ways you can make the most out of the time you have together is by trying hobbies you once loved. Penciling those moments can help you outline whether or not this can continue to be “your thing” or become “our thing”. 

At times — like any relationship — you’ll need to rekindle your marriage with activities. Doing them on your own has proven to be just as valuable. 

The reason why you’ll sometimes want to go solo with your hobbies is that your partner may not enjoy the activity as much as you do. 

This doesn’t mean you’re a terrible match. Not having certain things in common is perfectly fine, granted you still find common ground on the more important topics such as your morals and values. 

You can always find other hobbies you can enjoy together and plan those as well. 

Never forget to make time for yourself in your marriage. This can help you center yourself and enjoy new experiences. 

Evening date night options for couples.

What Are Some Fun Date Night Ideas?

There are various ways you can make date night a success. Whether you’re planning something at home or not, you’ll need to focus on ways to make date night interesting for you and your partner. 

One of the ways you can have a fun date night is by including activities both of you will enjoy. From everyday activities to adventurous ones, you’ll get a better reaction when you get creative. 

Doing an activity in the kitchen can get messy, but it can also help you understand how to work together on something like making a meal or baking a treat. 

You can also test your knowledge on different music genres with a karaoke night. Asking questions is another fun way to make date night interesting for you and your spouse. 

This can make it interesting to get to know a side of your partner you didn’t know before. Jazz things up by having random questions prepared in advance and answering them like each other. 

It can be fun to hear how someone else thinks you’ll react. 

Romantic Evening Ideas For Married Couples

Get excited about an evening date with your partner by planning something the two of you will enjoy. Re-enacting your first date is a great way to get a few laughs and bring back fond memories. 

You can even change up the setting a bit to improve the mood. 

Other romantic ideas include: 

  • Take a pottery-making class
  • Hit up a comedy show
  • Visit a food truck event
  • Start a new tradition together
  • Go on a mini road trip
  • Get outdoors by walking the city
  • Do a couple’s workout session
  • Learn a new skill 

Whatever you decide to do with your partner, make sure it’s something worth looking back on. Sometimes couples’ activities can be exhausting. You’ll want to focus on simple ways to spend time together without overwhelming yourselves. 

What Can I Do With My Husband At night?

If you’re still not sure what you can do on a date night with your spouse, then it’s best to focus on what you’ve been missing in your relationship. 

At times, just spending time together with a favorite beverage with some laughs can make a difference in how you’ve been feeling. Couples often forget to focus on each other — more so when there are kids involved. 

Be sure to make the time you spend with your partner count. Simple ways you can make your spouse feel special is by giving them your undivided attention. 

Turn off those notifications on your phone and make the night more exciting by thinking about all the reasons why you feel for your partner in the first place. 

Bonus: Talk about all the reasons with your spouse and help boost their confidence in your relationship.

Final Thoughts On Date Night Ideas

As you begin to plan time out with your partner, it’s important that you consider their likes and needs. For instance, your spouse might enjoy a quiet setting over a night of dancing.

Choose options that will make you both feel comfortable. You can also switch things up from time to time to try different ideas together.

You can throw in ideas from a bucket list that can help you see and experience new things in life.

Whatever you decide to try with your spouse, be sure to make it an unforgettable night for the two of you.

Do you ever run out of ideas for a date night?



    Such fun ideas to mix things up a bit, I know so many couples that are doing the adventure dating books this year to add a new element to dating. Like baking a pie blindfolded or finger painting on each other over a canvas.

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    Those are some wonderful date ideas to keep in mind. It’s nice to have fun date nights once in a while.

  4. Emily

    Date nights are oh so important and I’m shocked when couples don’t make time for them. We’ll often even have a date night in, where we lock ourselves in our room and get takeout and watch a movie.

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    Julie @ Running in a Skirt

    What a great idea! It’s been so hard to get in dating with COVID and young kids, but it really does make a difference. What wonderful advice.

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