Dealing With Your Child's Rapid Growth

It feels as though we returned from the hospital with our first-born son yesterday afternoon. 
I remember all the feelings and how emotional I was when I first held him. 
But it hasn’t been a day. 
In fact, it will be three years since the day Jeff and I met our first child. 
It was the most amazing feeling I had ever experienced. And today, we have two boys — three if you count the pup. 
Time Sure Flies 
If I had to go back and redo everything step by step, I would. 
I’ve even asked Jeff, and he said he’d do the same things over again because it’s led to this result. 
Now with our second child, life is a little crazy. When one sleeps, the other is awake, demanding my attention. But there are moments when the two take a nap, and those are heavenly
To help keep me sane, I have to remind myself that they’re still exploring the world around them. But most importantly, I tell myself two things: 
1. Careful how you react. 
I can’t control their actions, even when I wish I could, I just can’t. But there’s one thing I can control, and that’s my reaction. 
The way I react to their tantrums has a lot to do with how they will react to others, including themselves. 
2. Take a break. 
It might seem silly, but I have to tell myself to step away and take time to just breathe. 
Being with the boys all the time means I have little time for myself. It can get frustrating, but taking a step back will help me better understand my thoughts. 
How do you deal with the rapid growth of your little ones? 


  1. Ellie

    Well right now I am SO feeling the WHY are you all growing so fast! My oldest is 17 and graduating and going to COLLEGE come the Summer sigh…My 2 middle kids are 13 and 9 and my little baby girl who was born at 27 wks will be turning 3 in 2 months and I keep asking my husband HOW did this go back us so fast. I cherish every moment yes it can be go, go ,go all the time and I can't remember the last time I've actually even dressed up and don't even know if I would know how but you know what.. I don't regret it time flies by WAY too fast..maybe I'm a mush mess (YES I'm probably the poster child for it lol) but I my saying is they are only little so long… and Hubby knows when I need a few me hours and sends me on my way once a month to get my hair done LOL..

  2. Kateryna

    Oh my gosh that is so true. It feels like just yesterday I found out i was pregnant and today i have 2 babies. oldest one is turning 2 and youngest is 7 months and trying to WALK!!! i always get crazy hormones right after the baby telling me i must have MORE, even though I'm barely keeping up with the two haha!! I always wanted to have babies close together but now that we had 2 its so sad think its over and ill never have a small baby again!!

  3. Aimee Niebuhr

    Oh, this has been heavy on my heart lately. My oldest son will soon be seven, and I cannot grasp how quickly the time is flying. Now that I have had my third, and I know for sure she is our last, there is this bittersweet feeling. I am so thankful for it all, but I wish it would slow down, too. I love the focuses you have chosen for raising your children. I think meeting our kids' needs with kindness and respect is so important, hard, but as you said, how we react is much more impactful than how we tell them they should react. You are doing a good job, mama.

  4. Tricia Collective

    Watching my son grow is so bittersweet. Of course I want him to grow and hit his milestones, but I also miss the sweet baby days. They grow way too quickly! But there are some advantages to them getting older…like sleeping through the night! 😉

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