Dealing With Your Child’s Rapid Growth

It feels as though we returned from the hospital with our first-born son yesterday afternoon. 
I remember all the feelings and how emotional I was when I first held him. 
But it hasn’t been a day. 
In fact, it will be three years since the day Jeff and I met our first child. 
It was the most amazing feeling I had ever experienced. And today, we have two boys — three if you count the pup. 
Time Sure Flies 
If I had to go back and redo everything step by step, I would. 
I’ve even asked Jeff, and he said he’d do the same things over again because it’s led to this result. 
Now with our second child, life is a little crazy. When one sleeps, the other is awake, demanding my attention. But there are moments when the two take a nap, and those are heavenly
To help keep me sane, I have to remind myself that they’re still exploring the world around them. But most importantly, I tell myself two things: 
1. Careful how you react. 
I can’t control their actions, even when I wish I could, I just can’t. But there’s one thing I can control, and that’s my reaction. 
The way I react to their tantrums has a lot to do with how they will react to others, including themselves. 
2. Take a break. 
It might seem silly, but I have to tell myself to step away and take time to just breathe. 
Being with the boys all the time means I have little time for myself. It can get frustrating, but taking a step back will help me better understand my thoughts. 
How do you deal with the rapid growth of your little ones? 

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