Turn Clutter Into Cash With Facebook Marketplace

Social media websites are a great place to connect with family and friends as well as like-minded folks. As a blogger/influencer, most of my time is spent on Facebook Groups and engaging with content shared online. Whether it’s through other Facebook-owned social networks like Instagram or on different features offered right on the platform.

For quite some time, family and friends have been selling items online. Most have expressed the simplicity of doing so via the Facebook Marketplace platform.

With more consumers turning to online communities, it’s no surprise to see how Facebook Marketplace has become a hit. I had a chance to interview Facebook spokesperson Donna Brown on  using Facebook Marketplace.

MTME: What is the story behind why this feature was created and how did it come about?

DB: Facebook Marketplace is a great example of how Facebook builds “people-led” products, meaning we build products and experiences based on behavior we see happening naturally and the feedback we hear from people. The idea for Marketplace came about after seeing that one of the most common uses for Facebook groups was to form communities to buy and sell things. We noticed this behavior, and wanted to make that experience even better for people.

MTME: Facebook Groups are a great place to showcase items to like-minded people. I’ve used local mom groups to gift items to expecting and new moms. Have you seen an increase in the amount of time people are spending in groups since implementing this feature?

DB: More than 1.4 billion people use Facebook Groups every month, and there are tens of millions of active groups on Facebook. There’s a group for everything that matters to people, including local parenting groups where people can engage with and support one another.

MTME: Aside from buying and selling items through Facebook Marketplace, do you suggest people also give away items they no longer need/use? What are your thoughts on this?

DB: Before you throw something away, it’s good to think about whether someone else could find value from it. If so, posting an item for sale or for “free” on Marketplace is a great way to help someone else out and avoid contributing to landfills. In fact, teachers have even told us they’ve been able to furnish their classrooms using donated and free items on Marketplace!

MTM: Selling items through Facebook Marketplace sounds like a simple three-step process: snap photos; write a description; and price it out. What tips can you offer on pricing items for sale?

DB: Here’s a tip from seller Laura Durenberger that writes for The Mindful Mom Blographer, a sustainable living lifestyle blog: “Think of your potential buyer and what they’re willing to spend, then do some research on what items are selling for nearby. Remember people are looking for a good deal, and price accordingly.”

Also, listing your item for a bit higher than you’re willing to part with it will help create a price buffer, and give you some wiggle room for negotiation. Plus, you can always lower it later!

Check out Florida mom Diana Blinkhorn and her experience with Facebook Marketplace.

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