Diaper Bag Essentials: Beach Day

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 3.16.27 PMI think the best part of living in Florida are the beautiful beaches. I rarely went to the beach while I lived in NJ. Since moving down South I have gone more times to the beach in a month than I have ever been in the past five years.

Although we are approximately 15 minutes away from our favorite beach, Jeff and I still like to make sure we have our diaper bag essentials for a wonderful time at the beach. Below is a list of 5 personal favorites we carry on our trips:

1. Huggies Little Swimmers
At first we used regular Huggies diapers under Sebastian’s swimming trunks. Big mistake. It would soak up the water and dissolve, creating little gel-like substances to come out of the diaper. I worried whether or not it was bad for him to be exposed to these substances and picked up a pack of Huggies Little Swimmers from Target.

2. JJ Cole Changing Clutch
Sand is going to get everywhere during your stay at the beach. But, if you want minimize the amount of sand that gets on your baby’s bottom, you should always carry a changing clutch. These products make it so much easier to change your little one’s diaper.

3. Coppertone Kids SPF50 Sunscreen
Although we apply sunscreen on our little guy before we head out to the beach we like to keep it handy to reapply some while we are still there.

4. Rubbermaid Mini Easy Find Lids Plastic  Food Storage Containers  
I received a set of 18 from my mother when I moved in with Jeff. It was one of the best gifts we received. In this set are tiny ones for Sebastian’s fruits. We use these for beach days and even other moments we step out. I love how convenient they are!

5. Plastic bags. 
You can find these anywhere when you go shopping for groceries or simply by stopping at your local drugstore. I keep a plastic bag with me for beach days to throw out dirty diapers and our trash. Although plastic bags are not the most eco-friendly, by using them we are keeping all our trash in one place until we can properly dispose of it.

Please note this was not our original list. It has improved with experience over time. There are certain things we do not carry for Sebastian because he does not need/use certain items.

What do you like to carry with you to the beach? 


Happy Tuesday!

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