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Making your way to the library for a play date or reading time with your little one isn’t always easy. I should know, I’ve had to think twice before actually leaving our home to meet with local moms at the library. 

The thought of having to carry a diaper bag, a stroller or a baby carrier with a child in hand isn’t your idea of a fun time at the library. Just imagine the number of books you’d have to check out so your child hits their 100-book goal for his class this year.

What if the books were digital and accessible through your local library? That’s something worth checking out, right? 

Well, that’s what the folks over at the Digital Bookmobile from OverDrive are doing. Since its inception in 2008, the Digital Bookmobile has been targeting families with small children to teach them how children can get the most out of their reading time.

It’s no secret that audiobooks and digital copies make it easier to share all-time favorites with family and friends.

Contrary to what many believe about technology and how it could potentially close down libraries, the Digital Bookmobile from OverDrive works with local libraries. After chatting with Joe Skelley, marketing and events specialist for OverDrive, I was reassured of how OverDrive looks to work together with libraries. “The Digital Bookmobile aims to help libraries minimize the amount of shelf space and allow the money to be used for other necessary things — like remodeling the building or putting it towards the community.” 

As an added bonus to this collaboration with local libraries, all you need is a library card and you get access to Libby. 

Libby is an app that allows you to sign in with your library card, and gets you closer to your new favorite read. “Libby is similar to browsing a book, you have access to one copy per user,” according to Skelley. 

The Digital Bookmobile in Pembroke Pines on October 9, 2018.

The Digital Bookmobile is ADA accessible, which means there aren’t any limitations for those who would like to hop on board. They’ll have the same experience regardless of your disabilities.

Skelley noted that by having these functionalities, it makes visiting the Digital Bookmobile a breeze for moms with strollers as well. 

Keep The Wheels Rolling

With a variety of interactive stations available to attendees during their National Tour Event, OverDrive offers stickers and cards with book recommendations and access to preorder upcoming titles.  If a book isn’t available, then you can recommend the title. You can offer your email address and you’ll be notified of when it’s available. 

The Digital Bookmobile National Tour takes place from February to November and offers 20-minute presentations for schools and libraries. There is also the Sora app which lets students connect to their school library to check out digital copies of their favorite books. 

This week, October 11-12, the Digital Bookmobile National Tour will be in Tampa, Florida. The two locations are Southshore Regional Public Library and Largo Library.

For a complete list of where the Digital Bookmobile will be, head over to Our Route 2018 page. You can always have your school or local library request to have their location be part of next year’s tour.

Click here for details on how to get their wheels rolling near you!

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  1. Awesome initiative! I’m still for going to libraries than reading digital print, but mobile libraries would be cool too and especially for this generation who are all so into tech, love this!

  2. I haven’t seen this book mobile. It seems like such a great idea. I took my kids to the library a few times but the library has so much digital stuff that you can check out reference books and things online and read them online at home Technology huh? thanks for sharing!

  3. What a cool concept. I am so glad to see that books will now be at reach for more children. Reading is knowledge.

  4. What a neat idea. There are so many areas here in South Africa where getting or finding a library is almost impossible. A book mobile would so work

  5. Wow and wow! This is so great that now reading book becomes more digital and more easier to all book lovers.

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