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This post was updated May 9, 2020.

You’re already beautiful, but sometimes you want to feel it too.

Making time for yourself takes patience. Learning DIY beauty hacks is a plus when you're looking to save money and build your confidence. Discover ways to stay on top of your self care regime with a self care routine checklist.

There are many inexpensive alternatives to keeping up with your hair and nails that don’t require going to the salon.

Since I stopped going to the hair salon in September 2013, I’ve been caring for my locks at home.

From dying hair to applying treatments at home, there’s nothing you can’t learn on YouTube these days. Most of the DIY beauty hacks I’ve picked up over the years have come from influencers.

The Importance Of A Self Care Routine

Whether you’re looking for ways to care for your skin or simply learning how to tame your curls, you’ll need to be patient with yourself.

Self care doesn’t happen overnight, and it goes beyond caring for your hair, skin, and nails. You can read about self care essentials here.

Prior to having kids, I went to the salon weekly. It was where I learned the necessary techniques to straighten my curls. After having our firstborn, I maintained a weekly self care routine. It wasn’t until I added working from home and multiple children on my list that my self care went out the window.

My skin suffered, my hair was always in a bun and I viewed myself differently.

I didn’t care about the mess I looked like. Honestly, it wasn’t the physical aspect of not having a self care routine that hurt me. It was not making time for myself and battling with postpartum depression multiple times in less than five years.

While dealing with depression I noticed I felt my best when I’d get dressed first thing in the morning.

Armed with a shower and a cute outfit, I felt I could take on the world. Learning DIY beauty hacks gave me back time for myself and a boost in confidence.

Why Self Care Isn’t Selfish

Having a self care routine meant I was controlling how I felt about myself and it helped me improve the relationships in my life. That’s something I’ll discuss further in future post.

My family always comes first, and that includes me too. I recently made a promise to myself that I’d do my best to keep up with what makes me feel beautiful — inside and out.

Following a daily self care routine can help improve your hair, skin and nails.

The Price You Pay For Beauty

Aside from learning DIY beauty hacks on YouTube, I’ve been able to rebuild my confidence. Not only am I taking care of myself, I’m also helping myself emotionally.

My kids spend the majority of their day with me and I wouldn’t want them to spend an hour or two at the salon when we could spend that time at a park, local beach, or even a museum.

Here’s how I’ve been able to cut down on time and money by doing it on my own:
Nail salon:
Cost – $25+/bi-weekly
Time – 1 to 2 hours (depends on the wait)

Hair salon:
Cost – $35+ (wash and dry/ weekly), $65+ (dye, wash and dry/monthly)
Time – About 2 to 2.5 hours

Eyebrow threading:
Cost – $10+
Time – 15 to 30 minutes

All this takes a minimum of 3 hours and 15 minutes at a nail and beauty salon.

Nails At Home:
Makartt Nails (500 Set) – $12
KISS Nail Glue – $4

That’s less than $20 for nails that I can wear for months.

Hair At Home:
At-home box dye (Garnier Nutriesse, 93 Light Golden Blonde and Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Hair Color Creme, 80 Medium Natural Blonde) $7 each

Eyebrow threading At Home:
$0, I used the same thread I’d use to sow a button and use a Revlon tweezer ($10) for touchups.

At minimum I pay about $45 on my at-home beauty regimen. 

One thing you’ll need to remember if you’re looking to do your own hair, nails, and eyebrows that it may not be as perfect as the way the professionals do it. I’ve had my share of mistakes.

I can easily cut costs here by not dying my hair or applying fake nails, but I enjoy doing both.

The fake nails are to assist my real nails in growth. I have a nail-biting habit that comes and goes.

Making time for yourself takes patience. Learning DIY beauty hacks is a plus when you're looking to save money and build your confidence. Discover ways to stay on top of your self care regime with a self care routine checklist.

Daily Self Care Checklist For Busy Moms

Now that you’re familiar with my DIY beauty hacks, it’s important that you understand the value of making time for them.

On my planner, I note my weekly goals and they include a self care routine as well. From daily facial cleansing to taking my vitamins, it’s important for me to throw those on my list.

Just as I want to hit my goals for the week, it helps to add self care as well. This way, I’m not wearing myself thin as I care for my family and work on projects throughout the week.

Making time for yourself takes patience. Learning DIY beauty hacks is a plus when you're looking to save money and build your confidence. Discover ways to stay on top of your self care regime with a self care routine checklist.

Cleaning the house helps me focus throughout the day and it means one less thing for me to do. The more you cross off your list, the more time you have for yourself later on.

The kids are older now and help with organizing the house. Not only with their room, but other common areas as well.

Since we’ve started a daily cleaning routine, the kids have been more helpful. It’s amazing how much they learn by example.

Aside from taking five minutes to decompress every day, it’s important to think of other ways you can lighten the load.

For me, the new week begins on Sunday. Those are my planning days. From meal planning to organizing daily tasks, it’s important to not only think ahead, but plan it.

Focusing on myself during the week helps me be a better spouse, parent, and friend. I’m a happier person when I’ve dedicated time to doing things I love. Below is my daily self care checklist. It reminds me of essentials I need to tackle throughout the day to keep me going.

Making time for yourself takes patience. Learning DIY beauty hacks is a plus when you're looking to save money and build your confidence. Discover ways to stay on top of your self care regime with a self care routine checklist.

Do you use DIY beauty hacks in your self care routine?

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  1. I’ve definitely neglected the “beauty” side of things now that I work at home. It’s time to change that. Thank you for giving me alternatives as I’m quite sure a two-year-old and a 7 month old are less than appreciated at the nail salon!

  2. I have to show this to my wife. She spends so much at the salon…it would be great to save that money for something else!

  3. I am a big fan of at home manicures and press ons!! They always look so glam for events, and are way better on your nails. I think my local WalMart sells Kiss – will have to check out what they have in stock this season!

  4. I completely agree with you, unfortunately when we were strapped for cash it was my hair appointments that were the first to go. But after a couple of mistakes, I do it myself now and it saves me loads of money!

  5. I love this list! After we decided to become a full time RV family I haven’t paid to do my hair professionally (although I will admit I miss doing that! lol) and I have only done my nails professionally once for a cruise. I have saved a lot of money!!! Glad to see I am not the only one <3

  6. I actually really enjoy doing my nails myself, it’s part of my relaxation time in the evening but I’ve never been brave enough to dye my own hair. I’m always scared I’ll mess it up or miss a big spot at the back!

  7. Sometimes it’s easier to do things at home! They’re so much more affordable too. I learned all of those once I became independent and I definitely were able to use them more when I became a mom! I think it’s awesome to be able to just do things at home.

  8. Right there with you..since becoming a mother everyone and everything seems to be more of a top priority than sending extra on yourself. Great tips..I too box color at home and have for years. Though my kids are getting older and I do believe it’s time to start giving this ol mom a special treat once on awhile..lol.

  9. Having inexpensive options always helps the average woman. Beauty always costs something but it shouldn’t really cost our time for the price.

  10. I have been doing my hair at home since I was 10 well my mom has. I dye it different colors on the bottom and highlight the top. It definitely is a lot cheaper than going to a salon.

  11. It is very important to take care of yourself! Great to go somewhere to get it done sometimes, but very expensive and takes a bit of time. I am glad you found alternatives to keep you feeling good about yourself! 🙂

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  13. I love these ideas! As I have had to do some of this stuff at home anyway lately, it is nice to have some ideas on how to do it well. Thank you!

  14. I am all about saving money when it comes to the beauty routine…this is a great post. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  15. Self-care is not selfish and absolutely important! We should all make sure we are taking care of ourselves.

  16. It’s so true that we need to take care of ourselves! You can’t pour form an empty cup!! My list looks very similar to yours. I don’t do much for my hair and nails, but the rest of it are all that I do every day too.

  17. I never realized how important self care was until I had kids and stopped doing it. I love your idea of putting it on your schedule every week, I’ve already added it to my to-do list ❤

  18. So I started seeing a therapist for anxiety and the first thing she’s helping me to incorporate is self care. Until my therapist pointed it out I never realized how poorly I’d been taking care of my self! Since it’s hard for me to think of ways I need lists like this one.

  19. I couldn’t agree more! Self care is not selfish, it’s necessary! You can’t be the best mom when you don’t feel your best. Taking care of ourselves allows us to take care of others. We can’t pour from an empty cup. My self care went right out the window after having my kiddo and I didn’t realize how big of an impact it made. Self care these days looks a bit different but I’m more mindful and actively try to do a little bit each day.

  20. Love the self care check list you shared! What a great way to be reminded of little things that can be so beneficial!

  21. I actually cut my hair. It sounds ambitious but I do a really good job, I think! What are you tips on working on the skin around the nails?

  22. I love to be pampered in the salon, but you’re so right. It’s so much cheaper to do it at home! Taking care of yourself at home can make going out once in a while a treat!

  23. I’m actually planning on getting my hair done as soon as I can get to a salon that’s open! ugh. I want to start getting it done every 3 or so months. I don’t get the chance to do my nails though. Maybe once my toddler isn’t a toddler anymore – we can go together!

  24. I agree with this entire post, but mostly the self care isn’t selfish part. I used to think taking care of myself was so selfish once I became a mom, but it’s actually not. It’s very important, and much needed.

  25. With the current global pandemic, it’s easy to forget about doing these beauty routines because we are home a ton. This is a great reminder to get back on track and self indulge. All good.

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