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This post is sponsored by DockATot. The items mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for my honest review. 

Our little one is now four months old and is constantly trying to show us just how independent she can be.

Although we moved her from her bassinet to our bed two months ago, we decided to keep it on the first floor. We used it for naps during the day.

Honestly, I wasn’t a fan of bringing it up and down the stairs. I always imagined someone would fall down the stairs headfirst every morning.

Fortunately, this never happened.

Last month, we thought it was time to make the transition from the bassinet to something more stable and easy to use around our home.

Docking Your Tot

I had seen DockATot loungers on my Instagram feed for years, but I never thought to use it because I imagined it was like any lounger.

I was wrong.

What I like most about DockATot is how it gives your little one the freedom to move around without feeling constrained. There are two different sizes for your growing child, ranging in ages 0-36 months.

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We were fortunate to review the DockATot Deluxe+ (0-8) and DockATot Grand (9-36 months).

Made from breathable materials, the Scandinavian multifunctional dock is lightweight and portable. They come with removable and washable covers. The Deluxe+ style is compatible with the DockATot toy arch that is sure to entertain your little one.

As you can see in the photo, our infant has all the entertaining she needs.
She has her Homegirl and others to keep her company.

Our two-year-old son likes taking naps on the DockATot Grand. Oftentimes we catch him and his older brother pretending it’s a boat.

It’s interesting to hear about the adventures they go on inside their minds.

We’re glad we’ve added DockATot as part of our baby items. By using DockATot, I no longer have to rush upstairs to put our daughter on the bed and turn on the monitor.

It’s cute to hear her cooing and giggling on her own.

We now lay her on our one-seater and watch her from within arm’s reach. Oftentimes we find her awake and playing with her fleece. 

Most of all, I love how she sleeps peacefully in her new lounger.

Have you/someone you know tried the DockATot lounger? 

Reader Comments

  1. Where the heck was DockATot when my kids were that age? I spend so much time staring at my kids or rolling them away from something. My kids were like regular human wheels. LOL

  2. The DockATot lounger was a lifesaver for those first few months when my 13-month-old was an infant. We have a bigger one as well, but barely get much use out of it

  3. First of all, she is SO beautiful. Second, the one thing I regret not buying is the dock a tot. We’ve co-slept since the beginning. We had a bassinet, and never used it (luckily I got it second hand, and it wasn’t expensive) but we did buy one of those little $40 cosleeper things with the hard sides because I was worried about rolling over on her. She outgrew it SO fast, and the dock a tot would have been much more comfy for her. She’s mostly just slept in the bed with me since day one, the cosleeper was only kind of used. haha

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