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A beach day isn’t complete if we don’t have our boys with us — pup included. We recently discovered Haulover Dog Beach Park in North Miami Beach and we couldn’t be happier.

Our favorite dog beach is in West Palm Beach, about an hour away from our home. When we heard about Haulover Dog Beach Park we knew there was one thing we needed to do: go and explore it! 

Dog Beach Essentials
Planning a day at the beach means we only bring the essentials and pack the night before. I’ve discussed the items we take to the beach in a previous post.

Since adding the Beachmate system to our list, we’ve been able to cut down on a couple of items. Now, we bring two chairs, two/three towels, the Beachmate system, our cooler and the beach cart. The life vest is just to help our firstborn stay afloat.

Beachmate at the Dog Beach

Ready For Playdates At The Beach
On warm days, I’d meet up with friends at the beach for playdates. Now with two, it became more of a hassle to carry all the items. After trying out the Beachmate system at the dog beach, I feel confident in bringing the boys to the beach on my own. All you really need is the Beachmate system, some sun and lots of sand to fill up your buckets.

Beachmate at the Dog Beach

Beachmate at the Dog Beach

The shovels work well for digging holes for your beach umbrella. 

Beachmate at the dog beach

This way your little ones can get a little shade. 

IMG_0059 And the shovels really keep them busy, digging away.

Beachmate at the Dog Beach

The soft cooler is perfect for your family’s favorite snacks. 

Beachmate at the Dog Beach

Simply rinse your buckets in the water and be on your way. 

Are you curious about the Beachmate system Here’s what’s inside:
– 5 durable, multi-sized buckets;
– 2 strong shovels;
– 1 softer cooler; and
– 1 removable canvas tote.

The Beachmate system is multifunctional in the sense that the bucket bottoms can be used as lunch trays and drink holders. Its velcro straps attach towels and backpack beach chairs.

With the canvas tote, you can bring other items, like trucks and other snacks that don’t need to keep cool. The best part is, everything is easy to clean and built to last.


Beachmate at the Dog BeachUntil next time, keep cool! 


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Have you ever been to the dog beach with your pup and the kids? What do you bring with you?


  1. Adorable photos! Your boys & pup are way too cute. The Beachmate system seems super versatile and a great investment for days at the beach like this!

    xo Olivia |

  2. That’s so genius! I’ve never heard of Beachmates before. Checking it out now!

    1. The Beachmate system makes life so much easier with kids! I recommend it to all the mamas here in South Florida.

  3. It looks like you had such a lovely day at the beach with your boys! The Beachmate system definitely looked like it came in handy!

    1. Thanks! Yes, we really do enjoy beach days with our pup. The Beachmate system really makes a difference and helps in cutting down some of the things we typically carry with us.

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