Jan 262015

Shine (1)

Don’t hide behind the clouds… you were meant to shine!

Having a “heart of gold” can be tough, but you have to build a strong exterior to block other’s negativity. Be strong enough to say no for your own sanity.

Before the beginning of the year, I had minor encounter with people who wanted to pretty much step all over me. Because I probably look like the nice person who will not say anything, these people thought it would be okay. They thought wrong. Very wrong.

One thing I have learned from finally opening my mouth is that most of the time, you are not wrong for stating what is on your mind. Even if people think you look crazy because at this point I technically lashed out at these people because sometimes you need to put people in their place so they learn that not everyone is going to take their rudeness.

So, be strong. There will be times your patience will wear thin, but you have to stand your ground. 

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Fatima Torres

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