3 Tips To Downsize Your Wardrobe

For most women, looking into a closet full of clothing items means you don’t know what to wear. But for me, it means it’s time to look at the items I actually want to continue to wear.

Since becoming a mom, shopping for clothes has slowly become a thing of the past. I indulge in making purchases for my family and friends rather than caring about the latest trends.

Although I feel I have everything I could possibly need, there are times I question whether the items are things I really want.

Falling In Love — Sort Of
Finding a dress that speaks to you is one thing, but finding the one that speaks to your figure is another. I remember when I got my first big-girl paycheck and how I wanted to splurge it on something for myself. Clothes was one, another was office supplies — don’t judge me!

I spent some cash at one of my favorite stores because they had a “blowout sale” — mistake number one. I picked out an outfit or two for work and other items just for lounging around — mistake number two.

Through the years, I’ve learned the perks of shopping online. You can walk away from your shopping cart and have some time to think about what you’re about to checkout, rather than feel you’ve wasted gas and time heading over to a certain store if you weren’t going to buy anything. Also, there’s the option to search other stores from your PJs as you decide on which one has the best price. 

It’s safe to say that I’ve been able to master to art of adding close to 10 items into my online shopping cart, and hitting the “remove” button several times before actually checking out. It’s okay, my husband is thankful for this little trick.

During the time period between me examining my shopping cart and actually submitting my order, I think things through. I imagine myself wearing the items and I ask myself a handful of questions:

1. Will I feel comfortable wearing this?
2. Does it look great with other items I already own?
3. Why do I want this clothing item?
4. Will it last more than six months to a year?
5. Is this really a sale?

The first question is important to me. I don’t care what an item looks like on the models online or on a photo, I’m concerned with whether or not I will genuinely feel comfortable wearing this.

I’ve fallen for current trends, but I know that my body won’t always look it’s best in everything. I mean, halter tops are beautiful, but they don’t always work for me.

Downsizin’ Ain’t Easy
We’ve been packing for months, getting ready to transition from renting to owning a house. We’ll be turning our new place into a home.

Letting go of items we no longer love are key during this transition. Although I’ve donated items at least twice this year and packed away several that we no longer use, I find myself drowning in more clothes than ever.

My mountain of laundry is never-ending. Although I wash and dry on a daily basis, I can’t seem to find the time to sit a fold clothes these days. Our pile of clean clothes can easily be confused for being dirty. After a couple of days of not folding them, I throw them in the washer again to get rid of the dog hair and dry them to get the wrinkles out.

That sounds lazy, right? 

If you had as much on your plate these days, then you’d understand.

Below are three things to look for when you plan to downsize your wardrobe:

1. Items that are too big or too small. 
One of the easiest ways to start downsizing is to look for clothing items that no longer fit. With time, clothes will stretch and you’re better off either replacing or getting rid of them. You decide.

2. Pieces that no longer serve their purpose.
I remember purchasing a teal dress that I would wear to baby showers. I called it my baby shower dress. It was comfortable and looked great on me at the time. Within two years, it was no longer a comfortable fit and I didn’t like wearing it out.

3. Consider whether or not it’s your style or someone else’s.
There was a time I would buy outfits for an occasion and I never considered buying something that could be used more than once or for more than one event. Not that I didn’t like repeating my clothes, just that if I bought an outfit for a party, it would be a party outfit instead of an outfit that could be used to go out as well.

Today, I think twice before heading out the door to go shopping for clothes for an upcoming event. No matter how much I enjoy hitting the fitting room to try on something new, I always consider the hassle it is with two kids. That, and where I could use the money more effectively.

Do you ever clean out your wardrobe?


  1. These are such great tips! Since we are about to move I am trying to downsize and it is so hard!
    xo Jessica

    1. We’re on the same boat. We’re 45 days away from moving into our very own home. We’re excited but it’s been such a long process trying to rid ourselves of unnecessary items. More so from the kids.

  2. Seriously, one of my biggest weaknesses, but I am thankfully getting better at downsizing my clothes. Sometimes I am simply tired of thinking I should get rid of a particular item and when I finally do, despite loving it, I feel such a relief! Great tips!

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