Dressing Up After Pregnancy

It’s not every day that you find a pregnant woman in heels, and maybe you shouldn’t. I wore heels while I was pregnant and would occasionally get back pains. I didn’t care. I wanted to dress “cute” because I was carrying around a beautiful belly. Of course, that’s the only time in a woman’s life people will compliment her stomach without upsetting her. 🙂

I am now lighter than I was before my pregnancy — thanks to breastfeeding. Pants that were a little tight around my mid-section are now a comfortable fit. I love it, although I still prefer tights over dress pants and jeans (a habit I picked up from being pregnant).

I haven’t really shopped since, occasionally I’ll log into Forever 21 and see what’s on sale/new arrivals. My theory is, if I don’t place the online order then, I didn’t really want/need it.

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