Each Day Gets Better

If you asked me what I was doing last year this time I’d tell you I was adjusting to a whole new lifestyle. One that I have learned to — in my opinion — master. Being a full-time mom sounds like fun, and it can be if you make it. As stressed as I have been, I always try to see the positive side in all of it.

Spending 24 hours with your child is a blessing, and you do get free time, but that’s after you’ve learned to balance everything on your plate.

I spoke to a fellow blogger the other day about being a full-time mother and managing a blog. We both agreed that it’s no walk in the park. Both tasks have several tasks within themselves.

Why Do I Blog?
During our discussion, Julie, a blogger over at Home Is Where The Heart Is, she mentioned feeling as though she was making her blog a priority instead of her family. To those of you who have never tried running your own blog or let alone a website, there’s a lot of strategic planning that goes into creating and maintaining it.

While working at the B2B publishing company I helped maintain company blogs and even participated in writing a couple of pieces, but that doesn’t compare to starting everything from scratch. And to top it off, having your blog/website highlight something you’re passionate about can sometimes make you question whether or not you still love doing it.

I have put my blog aside a couple of times to help focus on my family and friends and also to brainstorm a bit and I could see why Julie has chosen to do the same. You can read all about why I think it’s important to take a step back and brainstorm for your blog/website over here.

But aside from having the time to do something, it’s really more about making the time for it. 
The other day I sat down with my son during art time. Watching him enjoy coloring and doing arts and crafts made me smile, almost just as much as when I do something for myself, like post something new on my blog or connect with brands I love/discover new ones for my family.

Seeing his happiness reminded me of these 3 important things:
1. You’re not the only one who needs a break. My son spends the entire day with me, and although he’ll wonder off to “cook” whenever I start making dinner, he also needs his own space from time to time. For me, blogging is that break. I get to research things and catch up on others’ blogs.

2. Your happiness is just as important as anyone else’s. As a mom, we forget that aside from making everyone feel comfortable, there’s someone very important we may be forgetting about.

3. Live in the moment. Sometimes we forget that our family comes first, like when you’re itching to clean the house or get to the dishes and your child wants to play. Part of you will want to get the task(s) done and then pay attention to your child’s needs. If you’d take that 10-15 minutes to spend time with them, they’ll forever be grateful. I doubt they’ll care if there are crumbs on the floor, unless they’re crawling, then I’d be careful ๐Ÿ˜‰

But you see, each day is just a wonderful reminder that family will always be family and the moments you  get to spend with them matter more than a messy home. Besides, a messy home means it’s lived in, no? ๐Ÿ˜‰

And now it’s time to clean up from yesterday’s shenanigans while the little one sleeps. 


  1. love this post love the three important things you posted it

  2. I agree with your priorities list! It's always important to take a "time out" for yourself! Everyone needs a break from daily life to take a breath and relax!!!

  3. These are so important to remember in the rushed times of life.

  4. This is a gorgeous sunset picture!!! I would love to be somewhere that I can look out a bay window and have this picturesque view!!!

  5. We all need to take time out for ourselves.

  6. Always take time to "breathe"! People who think that there are not enough hours in the day, are not taking good care of themselves!! EVERYONE needs to have personal time…it should be at least 20 minutes of peace and quiet. Time to think, or reflect upon your day.

  7. You must take the time for yourself, and give everyone else there turn at some alone times! Each person requires an "away-time". Time that you can sit back and pause life, think about anything, or think about nothing! It would be totally up to you! 20 mins is the minimum time required to refresh yourself!!!

  8. Always remember to "Live in the Moment!" As you never know when that moment will be your last opportunity to do so! Use the fancy dishes for no reason, have the kind of fun you've always wanted, and breathe deeply and take in every sight!!!

  9. I love the points you made…and a lot of people should be aware of these rules (as I call them)!!!

  10. Even if you don't have kids…it's very important to have some alone time! I make sure to put away the devices at some point each day in order to have time to "breathe"!

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