When Breastfeeding Isn’t Enough

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Parenting isn’t easy. It comes with a lot of second-guessing and learn-as-you-go scenarios. Regardless of how many children you have, there’s always something to learn from each one. Sometimes I wish each child came with an instruction manual.

It’s been more than five years since we had our firstborn and, for the first year of our son’s life, we had a tough decision to make. I’ve always known that I’d like to breastfeed, and after researching the benefits of doing so, I knew it was going to be our decision.

Breastfeeding Challenges

For some new moms, breastfeeding can be a painful experience. For us, it wasn’t the breastfeeding part; it was not being able to pump. As a full-time assistant editor and marketer for a startup company, I didn’t have the time sit and pump. I was the first at the office to need such assistance and there wasn’t really much being offered for me. I tried using my lunch break to pump, but this meant I wasn’t eating during the time.

Within a month after returning from my maternity leave, my husband and I decided to introduce formula to our newborn. I’d breastfeed at night and early mornings, but as soon as my father arrived to take over my son’s care, we’d leave our little one with formula.

This was how we met our child’s needs, through formula. Despite what you hear from diehard breastfeeding parents, it was enough for our son, which meant it was enough for us, too.

Months after introducing our son to formula, we discovered he had an allergy. His food allergy led us to try other options.

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PurAmino™ was one of the brands our doctor recommended and we decided to stick to since it offered our son the nutrients he needed when used as a sole source of nutrition without upsetting his tummy. This went on for about six months before we moved to South Florida.

After chatting with a number of parents, I realized not too many are familiar with PurAmino.  

If your baby is still showing indications of cow’s milk allergy after trying an extensively hydrolyzed formula like Nutramigen® with Enflora™ LGG®, talk to your doctor. Your baby’s allergy could be severe and need an amino acid-based formula such as PurAmino™ to make sure they are getting the nutrients they need.

PurAmino™ has an expert recommended amount of DHA and is the only amino acid product portfolio that has DHA for both infants and juniors.

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Why Choose PurAmino™

Finding the right formula for our child’s sensitive tummy might’ve taken us a couple of trial and errors before our doctor recommended PurAmino™. It’s a hypoallergenic, easy-to-digest formula made for infants with severe cow’s milk allergy, multiple food allergies or other GI conditions. It has free amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. When PurAmino infant formula is used as a sole source of nutrition this eliminates the allergic potential babies with severe allergies have when digesting protein.

One of the perks to choosing PurAmino™ is that through myPURAMINO, a dedicated resource for navigating insurance reimbursement options, your insurance may reimburse you for the cost of PurAmino™. For more information, contact 1-844-PURAMINO to speak to a dedicated staff member today.

For more information about PurAmino™, click here

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  1. A very informative read about Enfamil Puramino! I’m sharing this with my friend who has a little one.

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